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Dare to Desert was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Following her choice, Kassandra was faced with its consequences.


Kassandra came across a small Spartan camp and spoke to one of the soldiers.

  • Kassandra: Chaire, soldier. How can I serve Sparta today?
  • Man: The eagle-bearing misthios! I thought you were a legend.

  • Kassandra: Those legends are only stories. I am just a humble mercenary.

  • Man: I've heard stories about how you worked with the Spartans in Megaris and helped them to victory! I've also heard you have something to do with the Wolf's disappearance.
  • Kassandra: You can't believe everything you hear.
  • Man: Sadly, with the Wolf gone, fear has spread through our ranks. There's actually a small group of conspirators claiming isn't dead, but a deserter. They're alleging no one's seen his body.
  • Kassandra: That's crazy. Everyone know he's dead.
  • Man: That maybe, but these men are convinced. They're deserting their posts and encouraging others to follow. They need to be stopped.
  • Kassandra: You want me to kill the Spartan deserters for their dishonor.
  • Man: You read me like an oracle.
  • Kassandra: I'll take care of it.
  • Man: Ha! Excellent.
  • Kassandra: Chaire.

Kassandra left the camp and travelled to the deserters' camp, killing all the guards. She then returned to the Spartan soldier.

  • Man: You're back. Have you killed them?
  • Kassandra: I took care of them. Every last one.
  • Man: Good! Take this. You earned it.
  • Kassandra: Happy to help.


Kassandra eliminated the Spartan deserters.


  • Being an impact quest, the locations where Kassandra can accept and complete the quest are randomised.


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