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Danton's Sacrifice was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno and a team of Assassins were sent to rescue Georges Danton from the guillotine and protect his friends from Maximilien de Robespierre.


Georges Danton and his allies were driven by tumbrel to the Place de la Révolution. On the way, they passed Robespierre, who stood in front of his house.

  • Danton: You follow us shortly, Robespierre! Your house shall be beaten down and sowed with salt!
  • Bishop: Georges Danton, hero of the revolution, and he's headed to the guillotine.

Robespierre was shown walking past Danton's friends, who laughed at a caricature.

  • Bishop: Danton's real crime was pissing off this guy - Maximilien Robespierre. Father of the Terror.
  • Robespierre: Give me that.

As Robespierre took the caricature, he saw that it depicted him as the Roman emperor Tiberius.

  • Bishop: Danton's friends printed an article comparing Robespierre to a bloodthirsty dictator. The truth hurts.
Danton was shown being led into his cell at the Luxembourg Palace.
Danton's Sacrifice 2

Robespierre showing Danton's letters

  • Danton: It's not my usual taste, but as a man of state, you get used to dealing with... rats.

Danton saw Robespierre approach.

  • Robespierre: My old friend, you are an enemy of the state. Look what Hanriot found among you papers...

Robespierre produced Danton's letters to his friends.

  • Bishop: ...Danton's private letters.

The scene shifted back to Robespierre in front of his house, holding the letters.

  • Bishop: It's not enough to arrest Danton - Robespierre is going to kill his friends, too.

Danton looked in horror from the tumbrel as one of his allies was beheaded.

  • Bishop: Rescue Danton, then get to his friends.
    Danton's already been taken to the guillotine. You've got a few minutes before he's executed, but I'd get a move on.
  • Guards: Stay back!
    Stay away!
    Back, or we'll fire!
    We will fire if you don't keep back!
    Stay away, or we will fire!
    Get back, all of you!

As they awaited the guillotine, Danton spoke with his friend and ally, Camille Desmoulins.

  • Danton: Don't cry, Camille! Today, we die for France!
    We save France by our deaths, my friend, remember that.
    Remember Lucile! Show her your bravery.
    Come on then, Camille, there's no hope for it now. We must show them that we are not defeated.
  • Desmoulins: We are defeated.
  • Danton: Ha! Not while the revolution rages on.
    Come on, then! What's taking so long?
    Why are we waiting? On with the show!
    Hurry! My public awaits!
    The wait times for the guillotine are unbearable!
    I wish to lodge a complaint! These quarters are terrible!
    Today, they will witness the death of Danton! But in six weeks, they will see the death of Robespierre!

Arno reached the tumbrel and spoke to Danton.

  • Danton: I knew you'd try to rescue me. But I have to die today. Robespierre' reputation will die with me. I do have a request. Robespierre's stolen my personal letters. He'll use them to arrest my friends. I need you to find my friends. And get the letters, if you can.
  • Bishop: Personally, I'd have taken the rescue. But Danton's made the call - let's go get his friends.
  • Citizen 1: Well, Danton got what he deserved.
  • Citizen 2: Poor Robespierre. Imagine how you'd feel having a friend turn against you.

Arno found one of Danton's friends being approached by Robespierre's extremists.

  • Extremist: You're a friend of Danton's.
  • Friend 1: And it seems you won't leave me alone, even on the day of his death.

The extremists attacked, but Arno rescued Danton's friend.

  • Friend 1: You're a little late, but thank you.
    Time for me to leave Paris, I gather. Thank you for your help.
    I think... I think it's time to get my family out of the city.
    I can't thank you enough.
  • Bishop: All clear here, but Danton has allies who weren't in that crowd. Find them. You don't have much time.

Arno rescued Danton's friend.

  • Friend 2: I thought I'd never get away. Thank you.
    My God, I thought that was the end of me. Thank you.
    Thank you... oh, thank you.
  • Extremist: Where are those letters?
  • Friend 3: Cowards. They wouldn't have dared attack when Danton were still alive.

Arno made his way to Danton's others friends.

  • Extremist: There! That one! He's the traitor.

Robespierre's extremists attacked Danton's friend.

  • Friend 4: What? Me? No!
    Leave me alone!
  • Extremist: You're enemies of the state!
  • Friend 4: Can't we mourn Danton in peace?
  • Extremist: You shouldn't even speak Danton's name in public!
    Fighting does you no good!
  • Friend 4: Leave us be!
  • Extremist: Traitors never come quietly...
  • Friend 4: How dare you attack us? Today of all days!
  • Extremist: The revolution doesn't need the likes of you.

Arno rescued the last of Danton's friends.

  • Bishop: Now we need to get those letters. I'm thinking Robespierre's house is a good bet.

Arno infiltrated the grounds of Robespierre's house.

  • Guard 1: Has Citizen Robespierre seemed distracted to you?
  • Guard 2: It's those letters he took from Danton. I imagine he's not pleased with what he's reading.
  • Guard 1: Where's Citizen Robespierre?
  • Guard 2: He's retired to his rooms for the day.
  • Guard 1: Doesn't like what happened to his friend.
  • Guard 2: That, or... you know, I think he may be sick.
  • Guard 1: What if he really is ill?
  • Guard 2: Are you going on about that again?
  • Guard 1: Well, what would we do if he died?
  • Guard 2: Stop worrying about nothing!
  • Guard 1: I think Citizen Robespierre isn't getting enough rest.
  • Guard 2: He does seem a bit tired, recently. And he's been wandering around with those letters. He's left them everywhere. It's not like him.
  • Guard 1: Do you think he regrets it?
  • Guard 2: Who regrets what?
  • Guard 1: What happened to Danton?
  • Guard 2: Well, he did retire to his rooms for the day...

Arno retrieved the letters.

  • Bishop: Nice work. Time to get out of there.

Arno escaped the area.

  • Bishop: Danton's allies are safe. Well done.


Danton allowed himself to be executed, further weakening Robespierre's popularity. The former's friends were also kept safe thanks to the Assassins.


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