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The title of this article is conjecture. Although the subject of this article is canon, no official name for it has been given.

This article is about Daniel's court-appointed psychiatrist. You may be looking for the Abstergo psychiatrist.
"Family. We all need a support system, Daniel. We're only human."
―Daniel Cross' psychiatrist[src]-[m]

This psychiatrist was a court-assigned individual tasked with assisting ex-convict Daniel Cross in his rehabilitation.


In a 1998 session, he spoke to Daniel about the need for him to make friends and form a support system. Asking Daniel about his connections at work, Daniel revealed that he punched the store manager for labeling him "a junkie" and accusing him of stealing paints, to which the psychiatrist chastised him for seeking violence as an answer to his problems.[1]

Moving on, the psychiatrist queried Daniel further about his reported hallucinations and asked if he was still taking his medication. When he denied taking them regularly, the psychiatrist again chastised Daniel for not being consistent with his medication. They then delved deeper into Daniel's hallucinations of 1910s Russia. Concerned after his patient's retelling, the psychiatrist wrote a prescription for an increased dosage of olanzapine.[1]

When Daniel refused to take the medication, the psychiatrist reminded him that it was a compulsory order from the courts. Under threat of calling his probation officer, Daniel angrily continued to resist, saying the medication turned him into "a zombie", but the psychiatrist calmly reminded him of the death of Daniel's girlfriend Kelly, which had been caused by Daniel's hallucinations.[1]

Though Daniel finally relented at this and took the psychiatrist's prescription, he threw it away on his way out.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The psychiatrist was an aging man who was balding and was losing eyesight, needing glasses to see. When interacting with Daniel Cross, he kept calm and collected, although asked intrusive questions and gave blunt replies when questioned in turn. Even with Daniel standing over him raising his voice, the psychiatrist sat in his chair and merely raised an eyebrow while coldly reminding Daniel about his dead girlfriend.[1]

Skills and equipment[]

After studying for 4 to 6 years, the psychiatrist had earned a complete medical degree, which he kept framed and hung on his wall. Using his training, the psychiatrist was able to emulate empathy and compassion towards Daniel, and was also legally capable of writing out drug prescriptions.[1]