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Daniel Boone and Connor in a Frontier encampment

Daniel Boone (2 November 1734 – 26 September 1820) was an American explorer, frontiersman, hunter, and militiaman, whose adventures made him into a folk hero.


Boone was born in Pennsylvania moved with his family to North Carolina in 1752. During his time in the state, Boone often travelled to the frontier on hunting and trapping expeditions across North Carolina, Florida and into Kentucky, the state he was credited with discovering.[1] He was a neighbour of fellow frontiersman Christopher Gist,[2] alongside whom he participated in the Braddock Expedition along with George Washington and John Fraser.[3]

The Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton befriended Boone during his adventures in the Frontier and trips to Boston. Boone told him of his encounter with the Shawnee in Kentucky in 1769, who considered Boone and his partner poachers, before forcing them to return home without any spoils. He then requested Connor's help in finding a pair of missing colleagues. Connor discovered one of the men had killed the other during a dispute, before being killed by a wolf.[4]

Boone being a frontiersman, he was extremely superstitious and often told Connor about mysterious, supernatural events he had witnessed or heard about. Often, Connor's investigations would reveal a logical explanation, such as a fake ghost placed atop the Boston Light, or how an unidentified flying object had been created by an umbrella reflecting moonlight in the trees. Other stories Boone told Connor, such as the Headless Horseman, turned out to be true.[4]

In 1773, Boone attempted to colonize Kentucky, but the Shawnee, Lenape, and Cherokee tribes who disagreed with the treaty of Stanwix that were set in place by the British in 1768 attacked and kidnapped his son James, torturing him to death. Despite this tragedy, Boone returned two years later after being hired by the Transylvania Company, and founded the town of Boonesborough, which he defended from a Shawnee attack.[1]

Boone later became famous in his later years for his adventures that he had written about in his books.[1]