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Dan Jeannotte

Dan Jeannotte is a Canadian actor and comedian who portrays Arno Dorian, the protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Unity. A member of the touring sketch comedy group Uncalled For, Jeannotte has appeared in films such as RED 2 and Deadly Hope, television shows including Being Human and Sophie, and many theatre productions. He has done some voiceover work for radio and games, but Unity marks his first major video-game acting job.[1]

Jeannotte describes himself as being a gamer when he was young, but he stopped as he felt he was becoming addicted to games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, he was aware games had become more focused on storytelling, and described Unity as having a "complicated and nuanced" script.[1]

He added that he identified with Arno's character, because "he's young and inexperienced and kind of a brat" and "I used to be like that". Jeannotte also acknowledged Arno as having a sharp wit, which he felt aided the suspension of disbelief in the story. For the role, he put on a British accent because of the developers "using the cinematic conceit of having historical British accents like you would in something like the movie Gladiator".[1]

Jeannotte portrayed motion capture for Arno, and felt that wearing the tracksuits became like wearing a second skin. In the recording studio, he did not ad-lib new dialogue, but as he grew to understand Arno more, he became more open to suggest changing a line, which Ubisoft were always open to. Due to the helmet cameras recording their facial expressions, he had to record a romantic scene where he and his co-star had to mime themselves kissing at each other.[1]

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