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Damian Saravakos is a doctor at Abstergo Industries, employed as a medical examiner in the Lineage Research and Acquisition department's medical division.


On 3 September 2012, Dr. Saravakos examined the newly acquired subject for the Animus Project, Desmond Miles. He found "Subject 17" to be physically fit and – unlike previous subjects – psychologically stable, recommending him for "further examination."[1]

Two months later, on 11 November, Dr. Saravakos conducted a similar examination on Daniel Cross following the latter's trauma failing to stop Desmond's Assassin team from escaping Italy. Saravakos' report was scathing to Daniel; he remarked that despite spending three days in the Animus, "per Dr. Sung's recommendation," Daniel's psychological condition had deteriorated significantly, and the doctor advised sending him back to the United States to continue his recovery.[1]

In late 2013, Dr. Saravakos also discovered Milton Jones' ancestral ties to the Assassin Adéwalé, to which he informed Mitsuko Nakamura that the genetic memory would be an invaluble topic of research material for Abstergo Entertainment to utilize in order to create a game, despite his uncertainty as to the inclusion of any new Pieces of Eden within them.[2]


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