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"Vengeful spirit, scorned lover, the Dama Rossa spreads her own rumors to make her work easier."
―Description of the Dama Rossa.
ACB Dama Rossa

The Dama Rossa

The Dama Rossa was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Industries, in order to train the recruits in the first stage of their Animi Training Program. She was unlocked through a system update, and used a hairpin as her weapon.

Unique moves

The Dama Rossa had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Back)

The Dama Rossa kicks her target in the back, sending their head back as they drop. She then takes the opportunity to stab them in the back of the head, jamming her hairpin into the soft flesh at the upper neck and into the brain, before removing it forcefully and letting her victim drop to the floor.

(Low Profile, Front)

The Dama Rossa walks up to her target from the front and places her hand on their shoulder, before removing her hairpin with her other hand and crouching down slightly. She then stabs her weapon upwards into her victim's neck, piercing their brain, and then quickly removes her hairpin to store it back into the bun on top of her head, her victim collapsing to the ground shortly after.

(High Profile, Back)

The Dama Rossa jumps on her target's back, sending them stumbling forwards, before leaning forward and impaling them in the side of the head with her hairpin. She then jumps off of their back, forcing her victim forwards with her feet while she lands, unfalteringly.

(High Profile, Front)

The Dama Rossa runs up her target's leg, climbing on their knee after they flinch, and propelling herself into the air. While she is in mid-air, she removes her hairpin and stabs them in the back of their neck, pulling them to the ground and killing them instantly as she drops, aided by gravity, onto one of her knees next to her victim.

(Bench Kill)

The Dama Rossa walks up to her seated target and grabs them by the arm, dragging them from the bench and throwing them to the floor. She then pounces upon her victim, almost sexually, before stabbing them in the head with her hairpin.

(Aerial Kill)

The Dama Rossa leaps from a rooftop, hairpin in hand, and lands on top of her target in a straddling position. She then forces her weapon into the head of her victim, killing them instantly, before she removes her hairpin and stores it away, taking the time to stand up.


The Dama Rossa could be customized in several ways:


  • Basic: Purple/lilac.
  • Extra 1: Red.
  • Extra 2: Pistachio green.
  • Extra 3: Teal blue.


  • Advanced: Her sleeves are changed to white.
  • Superior: Her trousers and upper shirt are altered to give a striped effect, with added buttons on the stripes.
  • Elite: Her undershirt is removed, and the strings holding her top are changed to criss-cross each other.


  • In Italian, Dama Rossa translates to "red lady" or "red-headed lady."
  • In the trailer for The Da Vinci Disappearance downloadable content, the Dama Rossa possessed an English accent.
    • When describing the map of Alhambra, she expressed her desire to visit the place, with her reason being that "The people are kind... and the architecture is to die for."
  • When the Dama Rossa is placed in her Elite gear and rotated her around during the profile set selection screen, it can be seen that she had a tattoo on her back that would normally be concealed.
  • Her Low Profile, Front kill was similar to the Smuggler's.
  • The Dama Rossa is the only animi avatar whose source isn’t explicitly stated but given her hairstyle and outfit she was most likely sourced from Caterina Sforza.




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