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Dag Nithisson (died c. 875) was a Viking from the Raven Clan who accompanied the shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir to Great Britain during the 9th century.

He was known among his crewmates for telling ship stories, a fact for which they mocked him, saying he had too vivid an imagination for the tales to be real.[1]


Raid on Rygjafylke

In 870, Dag accompanied his clan-mates Eivor and Tora Auzoux to the outskirts of Rygjafylke to watch as a village was raided by Kjotve the Cruel's Wolf Clan. Before they could formulate a proper plan, Eivor charged into battle. Dag and Tora later followed after her. After attacking the raiders, Dag was injured receiving a spear through his shoulder. When Eivor's attempt to sway the village leader to pledge allegiance to King Styrbjorn ended in his death, Eivor had Tora make sure Dag's wound was treated by the village healer. Traveling back to Stavanger with Eivor's captured slave, Gull, Dag stood by as Styrbjorn chastised Eivor for dooming them all.[2]

Emigrating to England

With his jarl kidnapped, tensions between Dag and Eivor escalated. Dag woke Eivor in the middle of the night and challenged her to a holmgang for leadership of the clan, accusing Eivor of chasing glory and not focusing on finding Sigurd. The resulting fight was Dag's last, as he refused an offer of exile and fought to his last breath.[3]

Behind the scenes

Dag is a character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. He is voiced by Norwegian actor David Menkin.