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Daddy's Home was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Having gathered the things which could have been Leda's, Kassandra and Barnabas ventured into the Sacred Plains of Demeter and the cave therein.


The extend of the visions exhausted, possible clues gathered and deciphered, Kassandra and Barnabas set their course towards Attika.

  • Kassandra: So, what does Leda look like?
  • Barnabas: She was the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Beautiful dark hair and skin. Her green eyes sparkled like jewels. And when she drank, could she fight!
  • Kassandra: She sounds fun.
  • Barnabas: She was that and more, my young friend. So much more.

Barnabas thought for a while.

  • Barnabas: It's been so long. I wonder if Leda would even recognize this old face.

They sailed to Attika, and Kassandra sought out cave mouth, located by a farm. In the depths of the cave, she followed a trail of blood, discovering corpses.

  • Kassandra: There's so many bodies... Is this the underworld?

Near one of the corpses, Kassandra found a note.

  • Letter From a Suitor: Leda of Ithaka. Your father abandoned you. In death, so has your mother. I'm here for you. Imagine your perfect life, bearing my children, tilling my fields, baking my bread. Any woman would kill for such a life. Wouldn't you?

As Kassandra ventured in further, she noticed a woman. At the same time, Barnabas caught up with her.

  • Barnabas: Kassandra...

Annoyed, Kassandra shook her head, glaring at Barnabas, who merely smiled and shrugged. Kassandra gestured him to be quiet.

  • Kassandra: Shh.

Together, they approached the woman, crouching by her victims. Barnabas stepped closer.

  • Barnabas: Leda?

Surprised, the woman spun around, brandishing a blade.

  • Leda: Stop! I'll kill you if you come any closer. Who sent you? Pelenos? Antikles?

  • Kassandra: People who threaten me don't live long enough to regret it.

  • Kassandra: Relax. We're here on our own.

  • Barnabas: You haven't aged a day. Is this the underworld?

He stepped closer to her.

  • Barnabas: Leda, it's me. Barnabas.
  • Leda: That was my father's name. I never told it to anyone.
  • Barnabas: Father? Young one, please, what was your mother's name?
  • Leda: The same as mine - Leda of Ithaka.

  • Kassandra: You were right, old friend. Leda survived, but not in the way your visions told you. This is your daughter.
  • Leda: Impossible. You have no proof.

  • Kassandra: Don't listen to her. She's obviously lying.
  • Leda: I'm lying? You're the one who has no way to prove you are who you say.

  • Barnabas: Young one, a lifetime ago, your mother and I sailed side by side. The night I lost my eye, a tempest overwhelmed us and ran us into the rocks.
    Leda was so brave. She roped together some of the splintered hull. I held her and I said, "Don't stop paddling...".
  • Leda: "Until you reach the shore."

She lowered her sword.

  • Barnabas: She told you this story. Good.
  • Leda: After all this time... Mater said you were a king who died fighting the Hydra.

For a moment, Leda hesitated before continuing.

  • Leda: You need to know. Mater... She's...
  • Barnabas: I understand. We'll grieve her together.

Barnabas clapped Leda's shoulder, smiling.

  • Kassandra: I hate to interrupt, but Leda, you did threaten us with a blade. And there were bodies.

Leda sheathed her sword.

  • Leda: After mater died, I took over the farm. Ever since, "suitors" have tried to marry me for my fortune. When that didn't work, they decided it would be easier to kill me for it.
  • Barnabas: You've been defending yourself. Let us help.

(Accept - We'll deal with the suitors together.)

  • Kassandra: These kinds of people don't stop until they have what they want. You mentioned two names.
  • Leda: Pelenos and Antikles. They both live nearby. I can show you where.

  • Kassandra: Let's go together.
  • Leda: With you by my side, we'll be unstoppable.
  • Barnabas: Right. Together. Into battle.

They left the cave, with Leda leading the way.

  • Barnabas: I will meet my Leda again in the golden fields.
    Tell me, did she ever remarry?
  • Leda: She did. He was a good man. Kind to her and to me.
  • Barnabas: Good! I prayed to the gods that if she lived, she would live happily. The gods listened.

Leda led them to the Sanctuary of Eleusis. Within the gates, she stopped.

  • Leda: There they are!

After one of the suitors had fallen, Barnabas rejoiced.

  • Barnabas: Un-suiting suitors works up a thirst. Let's toast to victory!

After both Antikles and Pelenos were dead, Leda addressed Kassandra and Barnabas.

  • Leda: My mother's farm and my life are safe. With all my heart, thank you. Both of you.
  • Barnabas: And thank you for making this old man happy again. Now, about that wine.

(Scene shifts to the farm, where they're drinking.)

  • Kassandra: I knew those men. I've already taken care of them.
  • Barnabas: What a relief! I say this is cause for celebration. Let us drink to Dionysos!

(Scene immediately shifts to the farm, where they're drinking.)

  • Kassandra: So now that you have your life back, what will you do with it?
  • Leda: Honor my mother. Protect our farm and our fortune.

  • Barnabas: I was hoping you'd join your old pater on the Adrestia. There's a woman aboard, Iola, that I met in Delos. You two should meet.

  • Barnabas: I was hoping you'd join your old pater on the Adrestia.

  • Leda: The gods sent me a sign by bringing you back to me to save this place. I can't dishonor them and mater by leaving.

  • Kassandra: Take it from someone who lost her family—this is not an opportunity that many people get. Go with your father.

  • Kassandra: You're right. This land needs you.

  • Leda: Pater, our farm is yours. One day, when you've sailed the world and want a stable home, you will have one here. But unless Demeter herself burns these silos down, I know I'm acting in the will of the gods.

They parted ways. While walking down the slope away from the farm, Kassandra addressed Barnabas.

  • Kassandra: You all right?
  • Barnabas: She's as strong as her mother. I couldn't be more proud. I only wish she'd change her mind.
  • Kassandra: Maybe she will. In the meantime, whenever we sail past these lands, let's make a point to stop in and say chaire.

While Barnabas walked away with a rueful smile, Kassandra looked back at the farm, pondering.

(If Kassandra talks to her again.)

Leda: Please, keep my pater safe.


In Attika, Kassandra explored the Entrance to the Underworld, followed by Barnabas. They found Leda, and helped her get rid of Pelenos and Antikles, Leda's would-be-suitors who had tried to kill her.



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