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The Denver International Airport satellite accident, or the DIA satellite accident, was an incident that took place in an underground Abstergo Industries facility beneath Denver International Airport[1] sometime before October 2011.[2] It resulted in at least 20 casualties[3] and the destruction of one of the Isu's Pieces of Eden, an Apple.[1]

Daniel Cross,[4] the Project Lead working on an experiment involving the Eye-Abstergo satellite, fell under the influence of the project's Apple of Eden and killed everyone in the facility before the company's clean-up crew had arrived. The artifact was ultimately destroyed. Dr. Warren Vidic was responsible for preparing the final report of the incident.[1]

At least one civilian, believed to have been a baggage handler at the time, found out about the incident. By 4 September 2012, this survivor threatened to expose Abstergo's involvement in the event.[5]


The loss of the Piece of Eden meant that Abstergo Industries could no longer launch their Eye-Abstergo satellite on schedule. In order to find a new Piece of Eden, Abstergo set out to acquire Desmond Miles as a subject for their Animus Project, since they had discovered that he possessed the genetic material that would allow them to obtain the locations of other potential replacements.[1]

On 23 September 2012, Daniel Cross was given another assignment in Denver. Still traumatized by the incident, Daniel vehemently refused it and expressed his concerns with Dr. Sung in a phone call.[4]

Abstergo was unable to find the civilian survivor, let alone determine his identity. On 7 September 2012, Abstergo executive Alan Rikkin emailed Vidic, reporting the lack of progress on finding the whistleblower, and expressed his concerns that the survivor could be in league with the Assassins.[1]


  • The last four pieces of equipment that appeared in Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy had QR codes instead of images. Three QR codes stood for Cochetopa, Sisnaajiní and Dzit fit gain, which are Navajo names for mountains in Colorado. These words are carved on the floor of Denver International Airport, and have served as a basis for multiple conspiracy theories. The fourth and last QR code stood for DIA.
  • The expression "to go / be Denver", which was used by Abstergo employees to describe when a situation had started to spiral out of control, derived from the DIA satellite accident.[6]



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