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Désirée Dismayed was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Napoleon asked Arno to determine Bernadotte's feelings towards Désirée.


Arno met Napoleon at the latter's residence.

  • Napoleon: Arno! A favor.
    I suspect that Captain Bernadotte has fallen in love with my fiancée, and I cannot abide the thought. As I must dine with her this evening, I would ask that you search Bernadotte's house near the Palais-Royal and determine his feelings on the matter.

Arno made his way to Bernadotte's house. There, he found a receipt.

  • Receipt: "Payment received for one silver pendant inscribed 'for Désirée.'"

Arno then found a letter.

  • Letter: "Captain Bernadotte, I must present regrets for my mistress, Mlle. Clary. She is not able to entertain this evening as she is to dine at the Restaurant Boulanger with Captain Bonaparte."

Arno found Bernadotte's diary.

  • Diary: "I am in continual torment because of my love for Désirée. I have learned that she dines with Bonaparte this evening. I am a man of action! I must go to her, present my gift and declare my affections!"

Arno made his way to the Restaurant Boulanger.

  • Citizen 1: That Bonaparte fellow is dining with a lovely young thing.
  • Citizen 2: That one. She'll cavort with anyone.

Bernadotte entered the restaurant.

  • Désirée: Bernadotte! What a surprise to see you here!
  • Napoleon: Captain Bernadotte, I'm having a private dinner with my fiancée. Arno, can you escort the Captain outside?
  • Citizen 1: She seems taken with Captain Bernadotte, if you ask me.
  • Citizen 3: I can't imagine she'd be faithful to him. Who would marry that Corsican?
  • Citizen 4: I'm told she admires Bernadotte's muscular legs!
  • Citizen 3: How delightfully scandalous!
  • Bernadotte: Enough gossip! I will teach you to speak of Mademoiselle Clary in such terms!

As Bernadotte fought several of the other patrons, Arno assisted him.

  • Citizen 1: He fights fiercely for the reputation of another man's woman.
  • Citizen 2: Look! He's brought a gift for Bonaparte's fiancée.

Arno and Bernadotte defeated the other patrons.

  • Désirée: What is all this?! The scandal! The shame!
  • Bernadotte: But I have a... gift for you.
  • Désirée: I never want to see you again!


Arno learned that Bernadotte was in love with Désirée. As she dined with Napoleon at a restuarant, Bernadotte started a fight with the other patrons, embarassing Désirée. After being rejected by Désirée, Bernadotte was heartbroken.


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