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Désirée Delighted was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Désirée asked Arno to find Bernadotte so that the two could reconcile.


  • Désirée: I have made a grievous mistake! You must help me! I have done my best to write down what must be done.

Désirée gave Arno a note.

  • Note: "I spurned Bernadotte, but I cannot stop thinking about his muscled thighs! Please find him - I fear he is visiting ladies of the evening in the Palais Royal. Bring him to me and I will show him proof of my affection!"

Arno found a drunken Bernadotte.

  • Bernadotte: I've nothing to live for! Well, except another drink... I've lost the live of my life. Oh, well! Might as well make the best of it! Here's mud in yer eye!

Arno escorted Bernadotte. The latter then stopped at a group of prostitutes.

  • Bernadotte: Uh, just what array of services are available?
  • Prostitute: Look, girls, Jean is here! We're always happy to see you, Jean.
    Interested in having a little party? Just you and me?

Arno distracted the prostitutes.

  • Bernadotte: No need to get angry, I'm coming! Oh, very well. I'll come along.

They reached Désirée.

  • Désirée: Jean! Please forgive me! I have been such a fool!
  • Bernadotte: Can it be true? Do my ears deceive me?
  • Désirée: I cannot live without you!
  • Bernadotte: But Désirée, it cannot be. You are promised to another!
  • Désirée: I will prove my love for you, Jean. You! Go to Captain Bonaparte's house! Find my love letters and bring them back that I may destroy them!

Arno infiltrated Napoleon's house.

  • Napoleon: But what am I to do about Désirée? I need a strategy. Perhaps a tactical retreat on the Désirée front, and as for Joséphine, "March to the sound of the guns!" Yes, with Joséphine, a flanking manoeuvre. And, oh, what flanks!

Arno stole the letters.

  • Napoleon: What? Oh, those old letters? Get rid of them. Joséphine has conquered me now!

Arno returned to Désirée and Bernadotte.

  • Désirée: Oh! You found them! Many thanks. And now, my dear Jean, watch as I burn them to cinders!
  • Bernadotte: Gads! What a woman of passion! Désirée! My love for you burns as bright as your love letters to Bonaparte! Could you ever-?
  • Désirée: Oh, Jean!

A group of thugs attacked them. Together, Arno, Bernadotte and Désirée fought them off.

  • Bernadotte: Would you-?
  • Désirée: Yes! Yes, yes, yes!


Bernadotte and Désirée became engaged, while Napoleon shifted his attention towards Joséphine de Beauharnais.


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