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ACO Cyrene Gladiator Arena

View of the Cyrene arena

The Cyrene Gladiator Arena was a gladiator arena located in Cyrene. As one of the gladiator arenas located in Kyrenaika, it was popular among the citizens of Cyrene and the province.


The Roman general, Julius Caesar, challenged the arena at some point, clashing against Polymestor, a Thracian gladiator. Caesar defeated the gladiator, eventually sparing him and gave him a sword to signify his freedom.[1]

Sometime later, the Medjay, Bayek challenged the arena in 47 BCE, having being directed by Felix Martialis, the owner of the arena in Krokodilopolis.[2] Bayek clashed with opponents from various parts of Europe, namely The Hammer from Britannia, The Axes from Germania, The Hoplite and The Seleucid, both from Greece and The Duelist from China, defeating them with a variety of weapons.[1]

Shortly after, Bayek returned to take part in the arena, this time facing hordes of fighters, as part of a deal with Thanasis to free Kosey from his employment. Upon finishing his battle, Bayek left the arena, only to find out that Thanasis had betrayed his part of the deal and left to find Kosey.[3]


  • The arena is fictional as there was no Roman built dedicated gladiatorial arena in Cyrene in reality. Instead, the Theater of Cyrene was utilized by the Romans.[4]
  • There are Persian columns and Lamassu statues present in the arena.[5][6]




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