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Cynebert was a Anglo-Saxons monk who served as the Abbot of Cent during the late 9th century. He was known for his ambition and willingness to leverage religion in pursuit of political power and personal gain.[1]


Alliance with Basim and Eivor

Not much is known about Cynebert, except that he rose to be a well-known man in the clergy and the priest brotherhood of Cent. However, Cynebert sought a good relationship with the ealdorman in charge of the region, which changed in 874, when the current ealdorman died under unforeseen circumstances.[2]

Cynebert discussing a deal with Eivor and Basim

When the Hidden One Basim Ibn Ishaq was looking for Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Order of the Ancients' Maegester Fulke, Basim scouted and found out about their travels through Cent. Basim soon came into contact with Abbot Cynebert, who talked with him about Fulke. Basim contacted the Raven Clan through Randvi, to tell the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir about a possible sighting of Sigurd and Fulke. Eivor arrived at Saint Hadrian's Priory and met with Basim and soon with the abbot. Basim told Cynebert that Eivor was known for her skill in fighting and intimidation. Cynebert told both Basim and Eivor that he wanted to know the new ealdorman's name, in order to gain his favor. Eivor was given a task to find out the name and report back to the abbot. After certain tasks and delays, Eivor found the name of the next ealdorman, chosen by King Aelfred, to be Tedmund.[2]

Reporting to Cynebert at Folcanstan, Eivor disclosed the name to be Tedmund. Dismayed, Cynebert revealed that the thegn was scared from the Vikings' invasion and that he became a recluse in Rouecistre Fortress. Eivor deduced of a shadow play, where she and Basim kidnap the thegn while the abbot would come and save Tedmund. Cynebert agreed, while Basim disclosed that rumors of Tedmund being at Beamasfield, to collect wood. Thus, Eivor and Basim went to find Tedmund at the lumber mill while Cynebert awaited for them elsewhere. Eivor and Basim soon heard a man giving orders and abducted him from the mill. Eivor and Basim bring "Tedmund" to Cynebert, but kept hearing denial from the thegn. Upon further inspection, the man was not Tedmund but a body double, named Shergar, a former man of the cloth. Back at square one, Eivor formulated a plan to storm Rouecistre Fortress instead.[3]

Capture of Tedmund and death

After rescuing fellow Danes from the deaths, led by Viking leader Runa Egilsdottir,[3], Eivor soon destroyed a naval chain at Rouecistre Blockade, in order to let Runa's ship and reinforcements from Oxenefordscire, led by Geadric come and aid them. Making sure their allies were ready, Eivor decided to start the assault against Tedmund and his men at Rouecistre Fortress. Breaking through walls and bringing down the drawbridge, Eivor made her way on top of main structure of the fortress and fought Tedmund.[4]

Defeating Tedmund, Eivor and Basim take him prisoner and deliver him at the fortress' entrance, where Cynebert was, with his fyrd. Conducting their shadow play, Cynebert and Eivor discussed terms while Tedmund grew suspicious. Within their transaction, Tedmund started to cough and soon could not breathe. Tedmund fell over as Eivor checked and declared him dead. With the plan having failed, Eivor still held Cynebert to his promise. Distraught, Cynebert promised to have Fulke by tomorrow.[4]

Cynebert's death

The next day, Eivor and Basim arrived at the priory, only to hear no priests and a dead, ominous silence. Entering Cynbert's quarters, Eivor and Basim found Fulke indulging at the food provided, while a motionless Cynebert sat at the table. From a tense argument over Sigurd, Eivor and Fulke exchanged threats and findings, respectively. After Eivor threw her axe at Fulke, Fulke decided to leave as she thanked Cynebert for the meal, as Cynebert's body just fell over dead. Afterwards, Eivor and Basim escaped the ambush set by Fulke and went after her to find Sigurd.[5]




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