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Cutting Ties was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor assisted a woman who was being harassed by her husband.


Connor approached a young lady in need of assistance.

  • Maria: Help me! Help! Help me, please!
    I'm begging you to help me! Why won't you listen?!
    Please! Help me!
    Mister! Mister! My mother needs help! Please!? Please help her!
  • Connor: Where is your mother?
  • Maria: Follow me!
  • Quincent: Good for nothing wench!
  • Ellen: Let me go!
  • Quincent: Shut up!
  • Ellen: And stay away from my daughter!

Connor approached the disputing couple.

  • Quincent: Bugger off before I crack you one. I guess you want a beating.

Connor beat up Quincent.

  • Connor: Leave.
Cutting Ties 4

Connor inviting Ellen to the Homestead

  • Ellen: That wasn't necessary. I can handle myself. When he returns he'll try and give me twice the thrashing.
  • Connor: Why would you stay with such a man?
  • Ellen: This is my house and business! It's my tailoring that paid for the place. I'll take his drunken buffoonery over leaving behind what I built.
  • Connor: If I told you there was another place where you could live and work, free of him. Would you consider it?
  • Ellen: The catch?
  • Connor: No catch, our village is growing and in need of all forms of trade. Just business and a new life.
  • Ellen: I'll come and see if what you say is true.


Ellen joined the Homestead.