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The Cutthroat

The Cutthroat (harvested from: Adrien Flood) was an Animi Avatar used by the entertainment branch of Abstergo Industries, as part of their plan to influence the general public, via the console stage of the Animus technology. He used a dagger as his specialty weapon.

Unique Moves

The Cutthroat had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

Facing his target, the Cutthroat savagely kicks their left leg. As they clutch their injured limb, the Cutthroat takes his dagger and slashes them across the side of the abdomen, before impaling their spine, sheathing his weapon as they collapse.

(Low Profile, Back)

Behind his target, the Cutthroat takes out his dagger and viciously stabs it into his victim in the back. Before his contract can react in any way, he spins and slashes the newly inflicted wound, severing their spine at the same time. Following this, the Cutthroat then sheathes his dagger, satisfied that his target is dead.

(High Profile, Front)

Facing his target, the Cutthroat grabs them by their left arm and roughly impales them in the stomach twice with his dagger. As his victim recoils back from being punctured with the blade, the Cutthroat releases his grip on them and watches as their body collapses to the floor.

(High Profile, Back)

Behind his target, the Cutthroat brutally kicks them in the back of the knee, painfully forcing them to kneel. Holding their chin upwards, he then exposes their neck, before taking out his dagger and slicing their throat. From there, his victim falls forward to the ground, dying of blood loss from their wound.

(Personal High Profile, Front)

Facing his target, the Cutthroat hastily removes his dagger. Cruelly stabbing it down into his target's leg, he rips his weapon out and impales their back with it as they keel over from his first strike. The Cutthroat then bounds over their back, pulling out his dagger with his right hand and planting it under his victim's chin, fatally impaling their brain and leaving them to bleed on the ground.

(Personal High Profile, Back)

Behind his target, the Cutthroat jumps ands forcefully pushes his target onto the floor. Rendered defenseless as they fall face-forward, he rides them into the ground and withdraws his dagger, alternating between bashing their back with his fist and stabbing them. After peppering them with multiple wounds and blows, the Cutthroat stands up, satisfied, while he leaves his dead target bleeding.

(Aerial Kill)

Leaping from above, the Cutthroat unsheathes his dagger in mid-air, before landing on his target. As he crashes into them, he plants his blade into the side of their head, fatally impaling their brain. With his victim laying dead on the floor, the Cutthroat stands up and stores his dagger back at his waist.

(Bench Kill)

Grabbing his seated target's foot, the Cutthroat drags them off the bench until their head rests against it. Before his victim can do anything to defend themselves, he forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking his target's neck on the bench behind them.


  • "Suck it!"
  • "Serve this piece!"
  • "Sit ye down and watch!"


The Cutthroat could be customized in several ways:


  • Basic: Purple.
  • Extra 1: Chestnut.
  • Extra 2: White.


  • Pirate Costume
  • Templar Costume
  • Assassin Costume
  • Alternative Costume 1
  • Alternative Costume 2
  • Warrior Costume
  • Swanky Shank Costume
  • Prestige Costume
  • Dancing Shadow Costume
  • Harlequin Costume
  • Spy of Persia Costume
  • Desert Warrior Costume

In-depth customization:

  • Heads:
    • Disheveled Hair
    • Plastered Down Hair
    • Dreadlocks
  • Gear 01:
    • Side Bags
    • Side Knives
    • Side Needles
  • Gear 02:
    • Back Spyglass
    • Back Bags
    • Back Hook
  • Gear 03:
    • Cloth Wrist
    • Wristband
    • Wristguard
  • Scars:
    • Scar 1: A single diagonal line across the lips.
    • Scar 2: A single diagonal line across the right eye and eyebrow.
    • Scar 3: A single small diagonal line above the right corner of the mouth.
  • War paint:
    • War paint 1: A block of paint around the eyes, with sharp protrusions peeking out from under the mask.
    • War paint 2: Two diagonal lines of paint running parallel across the right cheek and sharp longer protrusions peeking out from under the mask across the left cheek.
    • War paint 3: Scratch-like warpaint running diagonally across the cheeks and upper neck.
  • Tattoos:
    • Tattoo 1: Ink on the lower lip, as well as thin lines extending from the corners of the mouth, giving the appearance of an unnaturally wide grin.
    • Tattoo 2: Circles of ink around the eyes.
    • Tattoo 3: A block of ink across the eyes, as well as patterns accentuating the cheekbones and thin vertical lines drawn on the lips.

Main weapons:

  • Daggers:
    • Rough Dagger
    • Improvised Dagger
    • Scissor Blade
    • Heart Razor
  • Hooks:
    • Hook
    • Double-Tipped Hook
  • Swords:
    • Sword
    • Thin Blade

Silent weapons:

  • Hidden Blade
  • Pike
  • Short Knife
  • Dirk


  • The Cutthroat shares his Personal High Profile kills with the Ottoman Jester, his second taunt animation with the Robber and his third taunt animation with the Coyote Man.




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