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"Maybe I take 'is hands. Put an end to 'is surgein'. Maybe I take 'is tongue. Put an end to 'is wagglin'. Or maybe I take 'is cock. Put an end to 'is fuckin' us!"
―Cutter, while threatening Benjamin Church, 1754.[src]
ACIII-Surgeon 10

Cutter (left) and Silas Thatcher

Cutter (died 10 July 1754) was a personal aide of Silas Thatcher and a soldier in the British Army. He earned his nickname for his reputation as a sadist who enjoyed torturing his victims though dismemberment and he was said to have advanced through the ranks under Silas for that reason alone.


During the French and Indian War, Cutter was deployed to the British colonies in America, where his cruelty earned him infamy among his fellow British regulars.[1]

On 10 July 1754, Cutter and Silas Thatcher abducted a local surgeon in Boston by the name of Benjamin Church after they failed to extort money from him. They ransacked his home before dragging him off to a secluded warehouse in the harbor, much to the bewilderment of Church's neighbors.[1]

While some British soldiers attempted to solve the crime, others bore witness to it, and two in particular, knowing Cutter's reputation, remarked to one another that they should avoid buying meat the following day. Indeed, upon tying Church to a chair at the warehouse, Cutter gleefully prepared to butcher him. Thatcher, admitting that even he would rather not witness such a gory spectacle, exited the warehouse telling his subordinate to rendezvous with him when he was finished.[1]

Unbeknownst to them, the Templars Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee were nearby, having tracked Church to the warehouse after eavesdropping on the soldiers around Boston. The two entered with a key they stole from a nearby guard, intending to rescue the surgeon. Cutter, indecisive over which body part to sever first, was too engrossed to notice Kenway killing his two guards and stalking up behind on him.[1]

Before he was able to commence his torture, Kenway stabbed him in the back with a Hidden Blade, killing him.[1]

Personality and traits[]

True to his alias, Cutter was an avowed maniac who reveled in viciously torturing his victims with his knife. His methods—deemed too gory to watch even by the likes of his superior Silas Thatcher—was notorious for its outright amputation of various body parts, including but not limited to the hands, ears, tongue, and even the penis. For Cutter, such mutilation was a work of art, and he was not allayed by accusations of being a madman, going so far as to cheer that he was proud of it. Even more sadistically, he strove to keep his victims conscious throughout the whole ordeal, hoping to ensure that their deaths were not only grisly, but long and agonizing.[1]