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This article is about the cutlass sold in New Orleans. You may be looking for the cutlass sold in Paris or cutlasses in general.

The Cutlass

The Cutlass was a long cutlass with a gilded hilt sold in New Orleans in the mid-18th century.


Compared to typical cutlasses, which were short and broad-bladed sabers designed for naval combat, the Cutlass had a relatively long and slender blade, making it more akin to a full-fledged saber. Otherwise, it was single-edged and curved and possessed a knuckle-brow—features characteristic of cutlasses. Its hilt was rather elegant, being gilded.[1]


The Cutlass was sold in New Orleans weapon stores from at least 1765 to at least 1777.[1]

Weapon statistics[]

Damage Speed Combo kill Chain-kill Cost Persona
2 2 4 2 N/A Assassin