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The valley with the Cyclop's lair on the left

The Cursed Valley of Pali is a heavily-forested valley which constitutes the northwest region of Kephallonia. The region contained the Lumberyard, the related Lumber Shipyard, and the farm belonging to Kreusa and her husband, the vegetable farmers and sellers.


In 431 BCE, the misthios Kassandra travelled to a small village in the valley, meeting a merchant couple, Kreusa and her husband, who enlisted her help to retrieve a necklace belonging to Prokris.[1]

Later on, she helped the bowyer Drucilla to track down and eliminate the bandits that had occupied the Lumber Shipyard which prevented her from getting her wood.[2]

Sometime later, Kassandra travelled to the Cyclops' Lair, helping Markos to retrieve an obsidian eye belonging to the Cyclops of Kephallonia.[3]



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