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Cursed Mace of Herakles

The Cursed Mace of Herakles was legendary mace which belonged to the Greek hero Herakles in a simulation of Tartaros created by the Isu Aletheia.

Based upon the same mace used by Herakles used in the real world, the mace was obtained by the misthios after she defeated Herakles.[1]

Weapon statistics

Rarity DPS (Lvl 99) Default Engravings Availability
Legendary 8257 + % Warrior Damage
+ % Damage with Heavy Blunt Weapons
Tamed beasts deal Fire Damage
Defeat Herakles in Tartaros


  • The mace shares the same model as Herakles' Mace, only with a different color variation and added glow.



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