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Curse of Wadjet was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A stuttering, fearful street speaker tells Bayek of a strange curse killing people in the Greek Quarter.


While in Soknopaiou Nesos, Bayek came across a stuttering orator.

  • Nanefer: Everyone! Be careful! The curse of Wadjet! Snakes! Near the villa! At night! Fellow Greeks! Stay in your homes after dark! We have lost our harmony, and an Egyptian curse is upon us. Snakes! From the Egyptian serpent goddess! I've seen them! With my own eyes!

Bayek addressed the orator.

  • Bayek: What curse? What are you talking about?
  • Nanefer: Greeks and Egyptians have lost harmony with each other. The gods are displeased because of it. I'm Nanefer and I don't know if I'm Greek or Egyptian. I'm an orphan.
  • Bayek: Lost harmony? What do you mean?
  • Nanefer: The Egyptian goddess, Wadjet is sending snakes into Greek Quarters at night! Only Greeks have been killed! We are out of balance!
    See for yourself! Just North of the villa.
  • Bayek: Okay, I'll look into this curse.

Bayek left for the villa.

  • Bayek: That was harder than it should have been.

As he approached, he heard loud commotion.

  • Bayek: Nek! What was that? The gods are rumbling! It came from just North of here. Must have something to do with this curse.

Bayek reached the site, only to find it in chaos.

  • Bayek: What happened here? I should ask around.

He investigated a body in the burned structure.

  • Bayek: This man was pinned down and died in the blaze. The structure is badly damaged. I cannot go any further. The trail leads outwards. I should look around the courtyard.

He investigated a burned body on the ground.

  • Bayek: Ugh. I can smell the burnt flesh.

He investigated a jar in the courtyard.

  • Bayek: This jar doesn't belong here. I think there's movement inside!

Bayek destroyed the jar, only to discover a snake inside it. He eliminated it.

  • Bayek: Gah! A snake! The jars have been used to transport them.

Bayek spoke to one of the men in the courtyard.

  • Bayek: Neb, did you see what happened?
  • Man: It was the curse of Wadjet! A fool and his friends feasted at the Dromos. I told him "this is a sacred place, we cannot eat here!" What did he expect would happen?
  • Bayek: And you believe in this curse?
  • Man: You Egyptians have your gods, we Greeks have ours. All I know is I don't want to anger any of them.

He spoke to another man.

  • Sheshanka: Another foreigner cursed by Wadjet. That is three this week. Those useless Greeks had it coming, if you ask me. But what do I know? I am just the lowly Egyptian caretaker who cleans up after the neket iadet.
  • Bayek: Be careful what you say! People have died! I need to look around.
  • Sheshanka: What you need to look at is the color of your skin, son.
  • Bayek: Harmony is what we need. Not more senseless judgement.
  • Sheshanka: Look, some of us have built a shrine in a cave under what is left of the great Temple. Why don't you come and honour Wadjet with us? Egyptians have to stick together.
  • Bayek: Maybe I will, after I look around.

After investigating the place, Bayek found his way to the cave beneath the ruins of the temple.

  • Bayek: These jars are the same as the ones I saw in the Greek area.

Bayek entered the cave, only to discover a large of number of snakes inside.

  • Bayek: They are breeding the snakes here. Gods, I hate snakes!

Bayek killed the snakes. He discovered a shrine.

  • Bayek: An elaborate shrine to the serpent goddess, Wadjet.

On the shrine was a letter.

  • Caretaker's Letter:
    Our plan is bearing fruit. Some of the Greeks are already talking about leaving the Faiyum. More will follow if we continue in our efforts.
    I'll keep playing my role as the caretaker. You keep handling the snakes and choosing the targets. Make sure only Greeks die! There must be no Egyptian casualities.
    As for that stuttering Ionian dog, grab him quietly and take him to Pannouki. I'll deal with him personally.
    Remember, there is no justice except what we make for ourselves.
    Dua Wadjet!

While Bayek was reading the note, he heard loud footsteps above him.

  • Bayek: By the sound of it, I won't have to find the Caretaker after all. He's already found me.

As Bayek exited the cave, he heard the caretaker's voice.

  • Sheshanka: He is inside! Get him when he comes out! He cannot escape!

Bayek left the cave, confronting the caretaker and his guards.

  • Bayek: Caretaker! The snakes were yours.
  • Sheshanka: You serve Greeks?! Come on then you worthless Ionian slave. Do your master's bidding like a good Greek dog. I fight for Egypt! Who do you fight for?
  • Bayek: I serve no one and I fight, for everyone.

Bayek killed the caretaker and his guards.

  • Bayek: This is what Ptolemy has done to Egypt. A land out of balance, full of hatred and strife. At least I can rescue the hostage. He's being held by the Caretaker's men at Pannouki.
    The Caretaker is using the goddess to kill Greeks. Why such hatred? Aya would be sad. It is just as Nanefer warned through his stutter. Egypt has lost harmony.

Bayek headed to hideout located west of the village. Along the way, he discovered several bodies of Greek travelers.

  • Bayek: More of the Caretaker's handiwork. These unfortunate Greeks were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bayek approached the hideout.

  • Bayek: The Caretaker's hideout must be up ahead.

Some of the cultists attacked Bayek, but he dealt with them, and proceeded.

  • Bayek: Argh. The smell of rotting flesh.

He investigated a mask near the entrance.

  • Bayek: Another of the green Wadjet masks.

He investigated the remains of an individual on the ground.

  • Bayek: The body looks to be a Greek. It has been here a while. That explains the smell. He was struck down from behind.

Bayek approached the top entrance.

  • Man 1: What is going to happen to that stupid stuttering Greek inside?
  • Man 2: He's going to be sacrificed to Wadjet when the Caretaker gets here.
  • Man 1: Blood sacrifice? The priests stopped that years ago.
  • Man 2: Our ancestors followed the true path, before it was corrupted by false teaching. That's why Wadjet abandoned us to the bastard Greeks.
  • Man 1: Well, at least he won't escape. You beat him so badly he's lying in his own blood. He can't even stand.
  • Man 2: Ha-ha! Stupid Greek. He had it coming. He hasn't even started to bleed yet. Wait till the Caretaker gets to him.

Bayek entered the hideout and killed several cultists. He found basket of fruits in the quarters.

  • Bayek: Fresh fruit, grain, wine. These must be gifts from the Caretaker to his men.

He found a scroll on the table.

  • Hymn of Wadjet:
    Exalted are you,
    O Mighty One,
    Mistress of the Two Lands
    You guide Horus with your eye,
    O Serpent Uraeus
    who leads all Egypt
    Sovereign of thousands
    Sacred Avenger
    Let your awakening be peaceful

He found a shrine to Wadjet.

  • Bayek: Another shrine to the snake goddess Wadjet.

Bayek found Nanefer in one of the rooms.

  • Bayek: Can you stand?
  • Nanefer: Thank Serapis you're here! I don't think so. They beat me...
  • Bayek: Be still. I will carry you out.

Bayek carried Nanefer out of the hideout and brought him to a safe location.

  • Bayek: Can you walk?
  • Nanefer: They beat me! They beat me because they thought I'm Greek!
  • Bayek: Wait, what happened to your stutter?
  • Nanefer: I was scared when I first met you. It makes me stutter.
  • Bayek: By the gods, is nothing true! Well, you are alive, Nanefer. Be thankful.
  • Nanefer: I'm alive, but Egypt is out of balance. You must know, Medjay, the law is harmony between all peoples. May Serapis unite us all.

Bayek left the place.

  • Bayek: That is the end of the Caretaker's cult. But Nanefer is right. Egypt is out of balance. And that is the Order of the Ancients' doing.


Bayek discovered the Egyptian groundskeeper was behind the attacks, and he and both his guards, were killed by Bayek, thus ending the snake attacks on the city.


  • Upon entering the cavern beneath the temple, Bayek says: "Snakes again, why did it have to be snakes?", being a reference to Indiana Jones and his fear of snakes, saying "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?" in the 1981 movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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