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Cummascach (died c. 879), also known as The Ash, was a druidic high priest in the cult known as the Children of Danu, holding the title of High Druid.


As a child, Cummascach lived in an abusive household, suffering regular violence at the hands of his brothers while his parents were unaware. Seeking to escape, he often fantasized about how if Connacht's fogs were thick enough, he could truly disappear and become a real ghost. One day, Cummascach was running from his brothers and stumbled upon an elderly druid who was conjuring fog through boiling vats. From this interaction, Cummascach and the elderly druid began a friendship as the elder druid taught Cummascach the ways of the druids and the elements around them.[1]

Gradually, Cummascach tested his conjuring of the fog to an extreme level and soon used this technique to drive his own brothers insane, which caught the attention of the Children of Danu. Accepting the cult's invitation, Cummascach attained the title of High Druid and could soon made a fog grand enough to maintain the cult's secrecy.[1]

The cryptonym of "The Ash" was found when the Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan assassinated The Wren and recovered clues from her personal effects.[2] From The Wren's clue, a druidic ritual site, pertaining to The Ash, was detailed to be on a hill between Lough Rea and Lough Tuam, in the middle of Connacht. At the abandoned ritual site, another clue was retrieved from a rock filled with human skulls. This clue stated of The Ash's presence at Kiltober, a place southeast of Rathcroghan. There, the area was engulfed with druid warriors, but another clue about The Ash was found within a tent in the area. The clue revealed the identity of The Ash, Cummascach, and noted that he was known to frequent the mines of Kesh Corann in northern Connacht.[3]

At the mines of Kesh Corann, Cummascach and a fellow druid warrior were seen conversing before they noticed Eivor. Upon noticing Eivor's presence, Cummascach and his fellow acolyte fought the jarlskona. However, Cummascach and his acolyte fell to Eivor's blade. Upon his death, Cummascach's amber shard was taken from his personal effects, along with a clue about the member known as "The Blaze."[3]



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