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ACIV Cumberland Bay

Cumberland Bay

Cumberland Bay is an island in the Caribbean, located along the southern shore of Cuba, with a group of sandbars to the east that often inhibit naval movement around the island. The island itself consists of two large rock formations with a shallow lagoon between them. Both of the rock formations are heavily covered in foliage, allowing plenty of hiding places.[1]


At some point during Edward Kenway's career as a pirate, the island was under control by a rogue pirate captain and his crew until Kenway eliminated his target.[1]

In 1737, the bay's waters would become the site of a battle between the Experto Crede, captained by the Assassin Adéwalé, and a slave ship's escorts. Although Adéwalé succeeded in sinking the escorts, the slave ship itself had been fired upon by its escorts to ensure that its cargo, the slaves, did not survive. Graves were later dug on the island by Augustin Dieufort and the Maroons to honor those that had failed to escape the sinking vessel.[2]



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