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The Culper Ring was a network of spies aiding the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, which was organized by Major Benjamin Tallmadge on the orders of Commander George Washington, and operated in and around New York and Connecticut.


The Culper Ring was founded after the British Army left Philadelphia and relocated their headquarters to New York City. George Washington assigned his head of intelligence, Benjamin Tallmadge, to find people who could spy on British movements; Tallmadge recruited his childhood friends, figuring that he needed people he could trust. The Culper Ring became named after Abraham Woodhull and Robert Townsend, two of the ring's major informants, who went under the aliases of "Samuel Culper, Sr." and "Samuel Culper, Jr." respectively.[1]

In 1780, the Culper Ring discovered that the British were planning an attack on French forces on Rhode Island, as well as Benedict Arnold's plans to defect to the British.[1]

Until the network's abolishment at the end of the war, none of its members were captured aside from one woman referred to only as "355". That aside, the Culper Ring was recognized as being the most effective organization during the war by both the Continental Army and the British Army.[1]



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