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Cuervo was an Iberian member of the Liberalis Circulum.

The enclosed content is of ambiguous canonicity.


In 259 CE, Cuervo journeyed to Gaul to meet with Accipiter, an Aleman member of the Liberalis Circulum. Aware of the Alemanni's desire to conquer Lugdunum, the capital of Gaul, Cuervo warned Accipiter that looting the city would harm the Liberalis Circulum presence there.[1]

To meet the interests of both the Alemanni and the Liberalis Circulum, Cuervo arranged a meeting between the Prefect of Lugdunum and Accipiter, in which the latter would request a sum of gold from the Prefect, to which the Alemanni would not ransack Gaul's capital.[1]


  • Cuervo is a Spanish word meaning "crow, raven". However, Spanish is a Romance language that evolved from spoken Latin and emerged much later than the 3rd century CE. There is the hypothesis of that "Cuervo" in reality would be an error of translation of the Animus, being that "crow” in Latin is "corvus".
  • Due to the fact his name shares the same theme as Stella Crow and her ancestors' names, he is probably also meant to be one of her ancestors. However this is not explicitly stated in the comics.