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Ctibor Hašek is a doctor and psychiatrist in the employment of Abstergo Industries. He evaluated the mental and physical condition of Abstergo agents who were to be sent out into the field or had returned from assignments, most notably Daniel Cross and Juhani Otso Berg.


On 8 November 2012, Ctibor evaluated Otso Berg, a promising Abstergo recruit. He noted that Berg had strong physical and leadership skills, along with an extreme loyalty to the Templar cause. Ctibor believed Berg would be a good candidate to join the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order, but worried that his three year old daughter could be a potential weakness. Nevertheless, he recommended that Berg be promoted and given higher leadership responsibilities, along with a Level 5 mission to prove himself.

Ctibor's recommendations were taken under careful consideration by Laetitia England, who emailed Ctibor on 15 November and ordered him to send Berg to New York City to investigate a security breach there so they could test his skills.

On 23 November, Ctibor emailed Laetitia and Doctor Warren Vidic, requesting that agent Daniel Cross not be placed back on active duty, as Ctibor had read Dr. Sung and Dr. Damian Saravakos' evaluations on him and reviews of his past performances, concluding that he was an extreme security risk. Vidic responded to him minutes later, informing Ctibor that his concerns were noted and that Cross would not be assigned to any of Ctibor's Operations teams.

On 3 December, Ctibor re-evaluated Berg following a mission to Florence, Italy in which Berg led Sigma Team against an Assassin cell. The leader of the cell detonated a bomb during the battle, leaving Berg the only Templar survivor and giving him burn scars on his face. Despite this outcome, Ctibor felt that Berg was not to blame for his team’s death, and that he had shown initiative in tracking down the cell and great skill in killing three Assassins during the fight.


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