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ACU Crusader's corseque

Crusader's Corseque

The Crusader's Corseque was an exquisitely designed corseque, a type of polearm characterized by a spearpoint and two lateral blades, named after the Crusaders.


As a corseque, the Crusader's Corseque consisted of a spearpoint with two flanking blades springing from beneath it all mounted atop a staff. However, the lateral blades, while keen, were not pointed and resembled the parrying flanks of a partisan instead. Among the most ornately crafted of polearms from the French Revolution, the Crusader's Corseque's spearhead was finely sculpted and exceedingly elaborate. Its spearpoint had an undulating design, in the manner of a flamberge's blade. Most uniquely, the spearpoint was not directly connected to the lateral blades at its base but rather though a spiked, golden ball set in between them. The crown on top of this ball hosted a socket in which the spearpoint was set. This golden bridge, with the spiked orb at the center, was fashioned such that it appeared to emit from the cusp of the lateral blades themselves. To add to the weapon's opulence, the flanking blades were forged in the manner of wings.[1]

The overall complex of the spearhead was then attached to the pole via a narrow cylindrical tang into another socket. Even the pole itself was carved with utmost sophistication. In hindsight, the design of the weapon may appear too focused on aesthetics to be practical, particularly with the exposed, narrow tang that is all that keeps the spearhead attached to the pole. In reality, the weapon was so well crafted that for all its ornamentation, it was one of the deadliest and most durable polearms of Paris in the late 18th century.[1]


During the French Revolution, the Crusader's Corseque was available to purchase in Paris for 25,000 francs.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers Purchase
* * * * * 6 6 3 4 25,000₣ Additional damage: +25% Purchase
A well-crafted weapon, it features a fine sculpted head with a sharp blade.



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