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Croton (Ancient Greek: Κρότων, Italian: Crotone) is a city in Southern Italy. In classical antiquity it was a Greek polis in the region called Magna Graecia. Around the 6th century BCE Pythagoras and his protégé, Kyros of Zarax, spent a few years in Croton, where they thrived thanks to Pythagoras' knowledge.


A few years after Pythagoras' discovery of the tetractys, he, Kyros, and several servants travelled to Croton, where they were welcomed by an invigorated crowd. Pythagoras and Kyros thrived during their stay in the city, and Pythagoras set up his own academy, passing his teachings onto young and ambitious scholars.[1]

However, after living in the city for a while, tension began to build as people began to doubt Pythagoras' teachings and ideals. Some were simply envious, while others disagreed with them. After an attempt on Pythagoras' life, he and Kyros left the city through a hidden passage in the house of one of his students, Milo.[1]

In the late 6th century BCE, the city waged war on one of it's neighbours, Sybaris. Subjugating it around 510 to 509 BCE, the Crotonians celebrated their victory by dedicating a tripod to Sanctuary of Delphi in Phokis.[2]



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