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Crossed Blades was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


It has been years since Granada fell, and the Inquisition has begun to break the treaty it made with Muhammad XII. The people of Granada suffer under the Templars' puppet regime.

We have received word from our sympathizers in the City of Granada that a Templar agent is hunting them down and feeding them to the Inquisition.

We have come to Granada to check in on them. Time as been very short, and Granada is lousy with Templars. We must rush to our friends' aid.


The Spanish Assassins met on a rooftop at night.

  • Spanish Assassin 1: Is this what has become of Granada? There is no joy here. You can taste fear in the air...
  • Spanish Assassin 2: The people seem hopeless. What have the Templars done?
  • Spanish Assassin 3: The Templar agent has already reached our allies. We must protect them.

The Assassins made their way through the city and soon came to a rooftop patrolled by a guard. Suddenly, a figure came from behind and assassinated the soldier.

  • Najma: You must be from the Spanish brotherhood. I am Najma Alayza, of the Libyan Assassins.
  • Spanish Assassin: Thanks for the help, Najma. What business have you here?
  • Najma: I am repaying a blood debt. Hunting a traitor. And you?
  • Spanish Assassin: We received news of a Templar agent abducting our allies in the city.
  • Najma: Mmm. That would be Ubayd, my target. You can relax, I will take care of him.

Najma turned away and ran off on the rooftops.

  • Spanish Assassin: I don't think she is concerned with the safety of our friends. We must hurry.

The Assassins continued through the city, eventually coming to a warehouse backyard, where a man stood holding three informants captive.

  • Ubayd: What? Assassins!
  • Spanish Assassin: We know you have been killing innocents, Templar. You won't have these!
  • Ubayd: Pfah! "Innocents." Not today, perhaps, but you won't have me either!

Ubayd escaped just as Najma descended into the yard from an adjacent scaffold.

  • Najma: You let that kalb (dog) escape! I almost had him!
  • Spanish Assassin: The citizens are safe, at least. We can find him again.
  • Najma: We need to get off the streets NOW! Follow me, homaar (ass)!


The Spanish Assassins met Najma Alayza and rescued their allies from the Templar informant Ubayd. Much to Najma's ire, however, Ubayd escaped to warn the Templars, forcing the Assassins to retreat to safety.


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