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Crocodile Tears was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Sobek the great Rager walks, punishing those who murder his children. Is this another God on Earth that Bayek must face?


While in Thebes Nome, Bayek came across a worshipper of Sobek in a small shrine.

  • Sobek Worshipper: God of the Waters, The Rager, the Lord of Faiyum. You whose seed is potent, whose appetite is voracious. You come from the eternal chaos, the churning waters to avenge us. To punish those who take the flesh of your children. And so we honor you. Help us restore the balance of this land.

Bayek approached the worshipper.

ACO Crocodile Tears 2

Bayek speaking to the worshipper

  • Bayek: You worship the crocodile god?
  • Sobek Worshipper: We honor Sobek who walks. He is risen from the raging waters to punish our enemies.
  • Bayek: You have seen him?
  • Sobek Worshipper: Yes! Fighting a hundred soldiers, the tyrants who kill and skin his children for their own profit. We who live off the land are left with nothing.
  • Bayek: I should see his prowess for myself.
  • Sobek Worshipper: Do not fear him, he will not tear the flesh of those who honor him.

Bayek left the shrine.

  • Bayek: Another God walking... Is this the orb's doing?
ACO Crocodile Tears 4

An injured hunter at the hut

Bayek travelled west of the shrine and found a hut. There, he discovered an injured man and bodies of soldiers on the ground.

  • Bayek: That is no god.

Bayek approached the man, who wore a mask in the image of a crocodile.

  • Bayek: You're a little broken for a god.
  • Sobek Hunter: Did that damnable captain at the wharf send you to mock me?
  • Bayek: I heard you stand against the soldiers who kill the crocodiles.
  • Sobek Hunter: I am just trying to protect my family! Sobek allows us to take what we need to survive, nothing more. It is one of the commandments.
  • Bayek: You thought to frighten them away? Make them believe Sobek strides from the reeds?
  • Sobek Hunter: Why should the Pharaohs curse not do some good?
  • Bayek: Your last performance nearly got you killed. I will deal with your poachers.
  • Sobek Hunter: Tread carefully through the reeds, neb.

Bayek left the grounds of the hut.

  • Bayek: This captain doesn't respect the natural balance, so he will pay the price.

Bayek travelled south to the wharf, which was heavily guarded. He attacked and killed the captain and his soldiers.

  • Bayek: They thought the hunter was truly Sobek.

Bayek retrieved a letter from his body.

  • Achaeus. You are wrong:
    Your Sobek is nothing but a hunter dressed in a brute he's skinned. He thinks to frighten us off from killing the river beasts. I saw him myself, so make sure he is dead by nightfall.

Bayek returned to the hut, where he found it burned to the ground.

  • Bayek: What is this now? The Hunter's shack aflame?

He found the hunter hiding in the bushes to the north.

ACO Crocodile Tears 7

Bayek speaking to the hunter

  • Bayek: I am glad to find you un-scorched!
  • Sobek Hunter: You said you would deal with the captain, and yet he came and burned my hut to ashes.
  • Bayek: Rest assured the captain is dead.
  • Sobek Hunter: Then like Osiris he has risen again. For he was here, shouting for me to face him as I cowered in the bushes!
  • Bayek: That cannot be, I killed him.
  • Sobek Hunter: Something is very odd, neb. Has Sobek cursed me?
  • Bayek: You do his work, why would that be? Where did the captain return to?
  • Sobek Hunter: The outpost above the fields.
  • Bayek: I will see how a poacher cheats the Jackal. But it is no longer safe for you here.
  • Sobek Hunter: A truth is spoken. I will go south, where they honor the god. The Rager grant you teeth, neb.

The hunter took his leave. Bayek travelled to the outpost in the hills above the docks, where Senu located the captain, very much alive.

  • Bayek: Truly, if the captain is here, something is very strange.
ACO Crocodile Tears 8

Bayek standing over Democedes' body

Bayek entered the camp, eliminated the captain once more, and retrieved a letter from his body.

  • Brother!
    Sobek walks amongst us! My men saw him, claimed he rose from the waters like a sea storm, roaring for his lost children. I will not send more to stand against him. When the gods found fit to give our mother twin sons, they bound us in blood and you should protect, not bully me.
  • Bayek: And the mist clears. Twin brothers each one as brutal as the other.


Bayek helped a crocodile protector to eliminate the poachers.



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