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The Crocodile lair was one of the many locations during the 1st century BCE that crocodiles inhabited. But it was also a ruin of some long-forgotten building.

In 48 BCE, Cult of Serqet performed a ritual there, leaving a body within its sarcophagus, marked by the scorpion of Serqet, as well as candles, and a statue of Sobek, the crocodile god. The Medjay Bayek of Siwa found the scene the cultists had left behind, and investigated it.[1]


  • Even though nothing remains but a few stone blocks, the ruins were connected to Sobek, as the cult's 'mission statement' was to gather "facets of the four gods -- Sekhmet, mistress of the desert, Serapis, lord of transition, Sobek, lord of the Nile, and Horus, lord of the sky. Their followers will be initiated into our order in their holy places."[1]



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