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Critical Comedown was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno approached Pierre Beaumarchais.


  • Beaumarchais: Ah! Hello! Could I have your ear for a moment? Pierre Beaumarchais, playwright, diplomat and bon vivant. I'm told you can help me. The Public Censors are repressing new plays, including one of mine. They've paid a critic to give it a bad review and are planning to censor the production itself. Could you steal the review before it goes to press, and then, um, suppress the censors?

Arno located the critic.

  • Critic: Ha! People love to read a bad review! This one'll sink Beaumarchais for good. And I haven't even seen the play!

Arno stole the review.

  • Review: "See that this review is printed in your journal under your name. Payment enclosed.
    -- Office of the Public Censor, Le Petit Arsenal
    Some of our theatre artists absurdly believe that plays such as M. Beaumarchais wrote during the full monarchy are still to be enjoyed now that we have a republic! His play, The Marriage of Figaro, was thought to stand as an attack on the aristos a decade ago, but its time has passed and it will soon be forgotten. Cannot our play-smiths concoct theatre in accordance with the new principles? Must we view this musty dredge filled with the extravagant costumes of those that should lose their heads? No, I say! Enough! M. Beaumarchais should look to his own head, and anyone who attends this farce should look to theirs!"

Arno tracked down the Chief Censor.

  • Chief Censor: Ah. Time to clear the ol' windpipes.

As the Chief Censor practiced his vocals, Arno snuck into his home and assassinated him.


Arno stole the bad review and silenced the Chief Censor.


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