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Crios was a Greek resident of Cyrenaica who lived in Balagrae during the 1st century BCE. He was a friend of the healer Praxilla, and worked in the Asklepieion prior to 47 BCE.


In 47 BCE, Crios worked as a water bearer in the Asklepieion in Balagrae. Around that year, the proconsul of Cyrenaica, Flavius Metellus, passed through the town during his return to Cyrene. There, he used the relic he had recovered in Siwa, which drove Crios and many of the other civilians insane.[1]

Sometime later, Praxilla requested the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to locate Crios at the temple. There, Bayek found Crios on the second floor, suffering from the effects of the relic. Bayek carried him to Praxilla's clinic, before leaving to find Praxilla.[1] Unable to work in the temple anymore, but recovering from his ordeal, Crios began helping at Praxilla's clinic, gathering herbs and such. On one occasion, Crios was sent to the hills east of Balagrae to collect several herbs. While collecting, he was surrounded by a pack of lions, leading him to climb up a small peak to safety. He was eventually rescued by Bayek, whom Praxilla had sent to look for him.[2]



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