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Crimson Sunset was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


On the instructions of the Chevalier d'Éon, Arno set out to assassinate the members of the Crimson League, who were in fact Templars.


  • D'Éon: Arno! I've discovered some distressing news about the Crimson Rose!
    The man you rescued, the Count de Choisy, is a Templar! All of the nobles saved by the Crimson Rose are Templars. I've learned that the Count is about to be spirited out of Paris on a barge. It's docked near the Hôtel Fieubet. See that the Count doesn't get away. Then assassinate the Crimson Rose.

Arno made his way to the docks.

  • De Choisy: What's taking so long?
  • League member: We have to be certain that everything is ready.
  • De Choisy: It is.
  • League member: Be prepared. It will take several days to get to England.
  • De Choisy: Can't you hurry it along? I'd like to dine with my cousin, Lord Percy.
  • League member: Remember, our story is that we've got goods to deliver. Textiles.
  • De Choisy: How humiliating.

Arno assassinated the Count de Choisy and the other members of the Crimson League. He then confronted the Crimson Rose. The latter threw a smoke bomb upon seeing him, and the two fought.

  • Crimson Rose: You blackguard! You're an Assassin!
    Could you please fight with a litlle more panache?
    I'll see that you're properly dressed for your funeral!
    Was it really so bad before the Revolution? Peasants starved, I suppose, but that sort of thing happens.
    You never understood. I was trying to return society to its rightful order! Certain classes of people were meant to lead and others to follow. And you, dear boy, were meant to follow!

Arno killed the Crimson Rose.


Arno assassinated the Crimson Rose and the Crimson League.


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