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Crescent Axe

The Crescent Axe was a pole weapon with a crescent blade in use in Egypt during the Ptolemaic dynasty. Although its name implies that it was a battle-axe, its unique design was more akin to that of a glaive.


A weapon with a creative design for its time, the Crescent Axe hosted a wide, crescent-shaped blade as its name suggests. However, this blade was forged in the manner of a sword rather than that of an axe, such that in function and design the weapon was less a battleaxe and more a glaive. It consisted of a pole of medium length with the aforementioned blade attached at the top end. This was achieved by a tang at the rear of the crescent blade which socketed into the enlarged end of the shaft. As a result, the blade seemed to be hanging freely from the pole, making its construction appear feeble and unstable. The creator of the weapon was highly skilled, however, and ensured that the weapon was actually not just deadly and efficient, but durable as well.

Aside from the unique blade design, the pole was also ornately adorned. The bottom half of the shaft was golden yellow and intricately carved while portion immediately above that was speckled with elegant, red-orange patterns. Though it was not too long to require two hands to wield, its heavy weight meant that this was preferable to utilize effectively.


In the mid-1st century BCE, the Crescent Axe could be found in Egypt.

Weapon statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Common 115 532 Adrenaline on Hurt III Blacksmith, Loot


  • The Crescent Axe is identical to the Sharp Cut.



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