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During the Golden Age of Piracy, the pirate and Assassin Edward Kenway used crafting to create items and upgrade things such as his as his armor, weapons, and his ship, the Jackdaw.

Character upgrades


Weapons upgrades Recipes
Item Resource
Pistol holsters I Default
Pistol holster II Ocelot pelt x 2
Pistol holster III Humpback Whale skin x 2
Pistol holster IV Crocodile leather x 2
Health upgrade I Iguana leather x 2
Health upgrade II Deer hide x 2
Health upgrade III Jaguar pelt x 2
Health upgrade IV Great white shark bone x 2
Pistol ammo pouch I Wild Pig hide x 2
Pistol ammo pouch II Hammerhead shark bone x 2
Smoke bomb pouch I Hutia hide x 2
Smoke bomb pouch II Rabbit pelt x 2
Dart pouch I Howler monkey skin x 2
Dart pouch II Killer whale skin x 2
Berserk dart I Bull shark skin x 2
Berserk dart II Capuchin monkey pelt x 2
Sleep dart I Black Jaguar pelt x 2
Sleep dart II Great white shark bone x 2
Rope dart pouch I Black Jaguar pelt x 2
Rope dart pouch II Crocodile leather x 2


Outfits Recipes
Item Resource 1 Resource 2
Feline pelt outfit Ocelot pelt x 1 Jaguar pelt x 1
Shark-hunter outfit Bull shark skin x 1 Hammerhead shark bone x 1
Whaler outfit White whale skin x 3
Hunter outfit Red Howler monkey skin x 1 White Jaguar pelt x 1


Weapons Recipes
Item Resource
Berserk dart Bone x 1
Rope darts
Sleep dart

Ship Upgrades

Weapons and Armour

Weapons and Armour Recipes
Item Cost Resource 1 Resource 2 Blueprint
Hull armour I Default
Hull armour II 1,000 R
Hull armour III 4,000 R 100 Metal 200 Wood
Hull armour IV 16,000 R 200 Metal 500 Wood
Elite hull armour 30,000 R 400 Metal 750 Wood
Broadside cannons I Default
Broadside cannons II 70 Metal
Broadside cannons III 2,000 R 150 Metal
Broadside cannons IV 4,000 R 300 Metal
Broadside cannons V 8,000 R 350 Metal
Broadside cannons VI 12,000 R 500 Metal
Elite broadside cannons 20,000 R 660 Metal
Chase cannon I Default
Chase cannon II 3,000 R 60 Wood 100 Metal
Ram upgrade I 500 R 25 Wood
Ram upgrade II 2,000 R 75 Wood
Ram upgrade III 5,000 R 250 Wood 150 Metal
Elite ram upgrade 15,000 R 600 Wood 200 Metal
Round shot strength I Default
Round shot strength II 900 R
Round shot strength III 4,000 R
Round shot strength IV 12,000 R
Elite round shot strength 35,000 R
Chain shot strength I Default
Chain shot strength II 2,500 R
Chain shot strength III 6,000 R
Mortars I 800 R
Mortars II 3,500 R 200 Metal
Mortars III 8,000 R 300 Metal
Elite mortars 25,000 R 650 Metal
Swivel strength I Default
Swivel strength II 700 R 25 Metal
Swivel strength III 5,000 R 200 Metal
Elite swivel strength 15,000 R 400 Metal
Heavy shot I 900 R
Heavy shot II 6,000 R
Elite heavy shot 25,000 R
Fire barrel strength I Default
Fire barrel strength II 3,000 R
Elite fire barrel strength 8,000 R
Diving bell 5,000 R


Storage Recipes
Item Cost Resource Blueprint
Heavy shot storage I Default
Heavy shot storage II 500 R
Heavy shot storage III 1,500 R
Elite heavy shot storage 4,000 R
Mortar storage I Default
Mortar storage II 800 R
Mortar storage III 2,000 R
Elite mortar storage 5,000 R
Fire barrel storage I Default
Fire barrel storage II 500 R
Fire barrel storage III 1,500 R
Elite fire barrel storage 4,000 R
Crew's quarters I Default
Crew's quarters II 800 R 50 Cloth
Crew's quarters III 3,500 R 350 Cloth
Cargo storage I Default
Cargo storage II 2,000 R
Cargo storage III 6,000 R


Harpooning Recipes
Item Cost Resource Blueprint
Rowboat armour I Default
Rowboat armour II 600 R 50 Wood
Rowboat armour III 1,800 R 200 Wood
Harpoon strength I Default
Harpoon strength II 1,000 R
Elite harpoon strength 4,000 R
Harpoon storage I Default
Harpoon storage II 500 R
Harpoon storage III 1,500 R


Figureheads Recipes
Item Cost Resource Blueprint
Aries figurehead 500 R 25 Wood
Phoenix figurehead 800 R 25 Wood
Mermaid figurehead 1,250 R 150 Wood
Gargoyle figurehead 2,000 R 300 Wood
Serpent figurehead 3,500 R 400 Wood
The Queen Anne's figurehead 5,000 R 500 Wood


Wheels Recipes
Item Cost Resource Blueprint
Bronze wheel 500 R 25 Metal
Flower wheel 800 R 75 Metal
Phoenix wheel 1,250 R 150 Metal
Eye of the Sea wheel 2,000 R 300 Metal
Blackwood wheel 3,500 R 400 Metal
The Aquila's wheel 5,000 R 500 Metal


Sails Recipes
Item Cost Resource Blueprint
Crimson sails 500 R 25 Cloth
Red-striped sails 800 R 75 Cloth
Tattered sails 1,250 R 150 Cloth
Leather sails 2,000 R 300 Cloth
Flower sails 3,500 R 400 Cloth
Grey sails 5,000 R 500 Cloth


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