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ACOD FoA ToH Cradle of the Underworld entrance

Entrance to the cave

The Cradle of the Underworld was a cave in the Mourning Fields, within the simulation of the Underworld. It could be found in the western part of the region.

This cave was used by Hades to store the souls of babies who died before birth.[1]

The cave system contained several destroyed houses, and a statue of Demeter. A small portion of the cave was blocked by the Tartaros Veil, where several shaded were burning corpses. Another small area was paved with several tomb stones adorning the walls. Behind a gate only accessable by the living lay an area occupied by Hades' guards.

At one point, the misthios Kassandra visited the cave, sealed two Tartaros Rifts, and claimed some valuables.[2] She went here in search of Brasidas, who was tasked by Lilaira to find her beloved and bring him back to her.[1]


  • In the cave, a distinct cry of a baby could be heard around the area with the Demeter statue.



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