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Kaye and the four other Elders

The Council of Elders is one of the guiding bodies of the Templar Order.[1] It operates as a separate entity from the order's governing structure to ensure and maintain the integrity of the Templar government itself by influencing and guiding of the governing structures, having a similar function as the Black Cross. It does not exert direct control over these structures, such as the Inner Sanctum.[2]

In the late 17th century, the Council tasked Laureano de Torres y Ayala with finding the Observatory in the West Indies.[3]

During the earliest years of the Black Cross, the Council may have had an significant impact on their assignments.[2]

In Autumn 2013, Álvaro Gramática and Alan Rikkin led a discussion at the Council's annual strategies meeting, debating on how much information to share with the public about humanity's origins. While it sparked lively discussion, the Council concluded that they felt it was better the public remain in blind to such matters, and so would wage disinformation campaigns on any attempts to expose the truth by dismissing them as unfounded conspiracies. Before parting ways, the Council advanced their next meeting 6 months forward to June 6, 2014 both to allow for initial progress reports on the media campaigns, and to coincide with the 40th G7 summit in Brussels, Belgium, as most Council members would already be attending it.[4]

By 2016, it was led by Ellen Kaye and possessed discretionary powers over the funding of Abstergo Industries and its various subsidiaries. The Council was present at a gathering in London during which Alan Rikkin was killed by the Assassins.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Council's members appears to have a higher rank than the Guardians, which are the three highest ranking members of Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order, as exemplified by Ellen Kaye giving orders to Alan Rikkin.[1] However, earlier sources state that only the General of the Cross is above the Guardians in authority, with the Guardians reporting directly to the General.[2][5] As of 2017, the Council of Elders' exact position and role in the Templar hierarchy remains unclear, save only that it is not ranked above the General of the Cross.[6]

In Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the organization that tasked Laureano de Torres y Ayala was only referred to as "the Counsel"[7]