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Corradin was a thief and member of the Florentine Thieves Guild.


In 1478, Corradin stole money from Ezio Auditore da Firenze near to the Mercato Vecchio, prompting the young noble to chase him during the latter's re-visit to Florence shortly after he and his uncle, Mario Auditore, had led a successful assault on San Gimignano to assassinate the young Templar – and Ezio's rival – Vieri de' Pazzi.[1]

Despite his best efforts to keep up, Ezio was not quick enough to catch the thief, but he was soon halted by La Volpe, who later mentioned to Ezio that although it would've been amusing to watch Ezio seek him out alone, they had little time to waste and so the Assassin had sent Corradin to "fetch" Ezio.[1][2]

FH 5

Corradin standing behind La Volpe

Corradin was implied to be just a few years younger than Ezio Auditore and was very polite – yet frightened of – the young man. He also proved instrumental in both Ezio's discovery of La Volpe, as well as – in the broader perspective – Ezio's assassination of Francesco de' Pazzi and the safeguarding of Lorenzo de' Medici.[2]

Progressing on from this, in 1500, Corradin took over the Florentine Thieves Guild while La Volpe headed to Rome to lead the Thieves Guild there after their previous leader had died.[3]


  • In Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, Corradin was tackled by Ezio at Via Sant'Angelo and was nearly threatened by the young noble for his delay in providing the location of La Volpe.