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ACO Coral Escarpment Camp

Coral Escarpment Camp

Coral Escarpment Camp was a military compound established by the forces of Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII in Siwa, Egypt as part of a ploy to consolidate control over the remote village.[1] Situated on the east side of the village at the foot of the Amanai Hill, it was commanded by Captain Cheops.[2]


Cheops, a superstitious man with a terror of ghosts, was ever anxious over Siwa's necropolis built into the aptly named Mountain of the Dead to the northwest.[2] When bandits seized the Amanai Cave and its fresh water spring to extort money from the farmers of Siwa,[3] news of this failed to reach the Coral Escarpment Camp. Instead, the captain only caught glimpses of silhouettes at the top of Amanai Hill in the dark. Fearful that they were phantoms or demons, he refused to lead his troops up there to investigate.[4] His paranoia was shared by the rest of the camp, and as a result, it critically failed to deal with the brigands depriving Siwa of its main water source.[2][3] Among Cheops's last orders was to a patrol beseeching them to conduct reconnaissance of the hill even at risk of their very souls.[4]

Ultimately, the base lasted only about a year; in 48 BCE, upon the return of Bayek, the Medjay infiltrated the compound and assassinated Cheops[2] shortly before doing the same with Medunamun, the member of the Order of the Ancients appointed as the Oracle of Amun by Ptolemy.[5]



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