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Copp's Hill Battery in 1783

Copp's Hill Battery was a fortified position atop Copp's Hill in Boston, Massachusetts during the American Revolutionary War.

During the Battle of Bunker Hill, the position was used to fire cannons at Continental forces at Breed's Hill. The cannon-fire during the battle had more effect on the growing city of Charlestown though, destroying parts of the buildings and streets.


The battery was built on top of the tallest hill in Boston North End as a fortified spot to discourage rebels from building their own fortifications on the Charlestown Peninsula. During the French and Indian War, John Pitcairn was stationed at the battery by Commander Jeffery Amherst in order to assist the Templars. At this time, the area was used for recruitment of soldiers for the British Army, and was given check-ups by higher-ranking officers such as General Edward Braddock. In one case, Braddock was arguing with Pitcairn over desertion, which occurred at the same time that Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee had come to pick up Pitcairn.[1]

During the Battle of Bunker Hill, the artillery teams stationed there fired upon the city of Charlestown and the fortifications of Breed's Hill as distractions. In the process, it 'leveled out' the town as well as forced Continental snipers from the area. After the war ended, the battery was put into Continental control, and eventually used as a burial ground for dead soldiers.[1]