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Copernicus Conspiracy is a free downloadable content addition for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, originally released exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

The DLC focuses on the famed astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who came into conflict with the Vatican, as they did not want Copernicus educating the public about astronomy.


In 1500, Nicolaus Copernicus shared his teachings to a crowd within the Palazzo Senatorio, in clear defiance against the Templars' wishes. As Ezio arrived, Vatican guards arrived to kill Copernicus, and prevent his teachings from spreading. Ezio saved Copernicus, and escorted him to a small safehouse outside the Colosseum.

Copernicus, wanting to warn the other scholars in Rome, gave Ezio letters to hand to them before they were assassinated by the guards. While it was too late for one of the scholars, the others managed to escape.

Upon Ezio's return, Copernicus came to the conclusion that it was the Master of the Sacred Palace, a man appointed by the Pope to keep Rome's philosophy pure, who had ordered their deaths. Ezio tailed a cardinal to a meeting with the Master, and overheard them discuss that five of Rome's best guards were going out to deal with the situation.

Ezio killed each of the five executioners, and then reported back to Copernicus. Despite the danger to his own well-being, Copernicus informed him that he would be going out that night to chronicle a lunar eclipse.

Ezio returned to Rome and killed the Master with his Hidden Blade, but with his dying words, the Master revealed that guards were already on their way to kill Copernicus, and that Ezio was too late. Under the eclipse, Ezio rushed back to Copernicus in time to protect him from the guards.

Afterwards, Copernicus indulged Ezio with some of his findings, and then thanked Ezio, with the two agreeing to go their separate ways.



Although originally released exclusively for the PlayStation3 on the game's release date, Copernicus Conspiracy was made playable officially on the PC through official patch, that was released on 23rd May 2017 for Steam and UPlay versions. It was also included in the Ezio Collection, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alike.