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ACUDB - Couvent des Filles du Calvaire

Database image of the convent

The Convent of the Daughters of Calvary (French: Couvent des Filles du Calvaire) was a nunnery in Paris.


Located at the heart of the lively district at the rue de Turenne, the convent was built for the religious congregation known as the Filles du Calvaire. The congregation was founded in 1622 by Père Joseph.[1]

At some point during the French Revolution, a group of thugs terrorized the nuns at the convent and the surrounding neighborhood. In response, the Assassin Council of the French Brotherhood had Arno Dorian kill the leader of the thugs. Eventually however, the revolutionaries expelled the remaining nuns and transformed the chapel into a theater called "Le boudoir des muses". The new theater situated next to the famous boulevard du crime, which was named for the numerous melodramas that played in its theaters. In 1807, the theater at the convent was closed down by Napoleon's imperial government. Today, nothing of the convent remains.



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