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After the liberation of districts throughout the cities of Boston and New York, the Colonial Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton sent his new-found Assassin recruits on various contracts around the British American colonies, to assist the Continental war effort and encourage the general populace to fight back against the British Army during the American Revolution.



Fort St-Jean: Major Guy Carleton is set to relieve the siege of Fort St-Jean. Ride north and make sure he never arrives.

Battle of Quebec: Richard Montgomery is foolishly leading a Colonial force on an assault of Quebec. He cannot be dissuaded. Divert his forces or stop the attack by whatever means necessary.

Action at Trois-Rivières: Brigadier General William Thompson has set out to "liberate" Quebec from British rule. The territories have never asked to be freed and are not part of the Colonies. Follow the campaign and guarantee the people of Trois-Rivières are heard.

The Quebec Act: British Parliament has passed The Quebec Act, granting vast parts of the Ohio territory to the newly founded Province. People in the Ohio territory are outraged. Do what you can to see that the people of Quebec are not hauled into a war they didn't ask for.

French Canadian Ties: The Templars have contacts in both Montréal and Quebec. Travel to our northern neighbors and investigate the scope of their power.

Templar Information Highway: Our investigations have shown that the port of Montreal has seized by Templar agents, like the rest. Go to Montréal and bring down the designers of this ubiquitous game the Templars are playing.

New Hampshire

Powder Raids: Similar to what's happening in Massachusetts, the locals have been raiding and stockpiling munitions. Make the rounds and ensure the weapons are safe.

An Independent Government: New Hampshire is moving to establish an Independent Government for the duration of the war to better expedite political proceedings in these troubled times. It is wise. But where power is being distributed the Templar brokers are never far behind. Attend the elections and be vigilant.

A Patriot Escape: Woodbury Langdon is a New Hampshire statesman being held against his will in New York by General Howe. Go to New York and help Woodbury escape back to Portsmouth.

Templar Scouts: Templar couriers have been spotted in and around Portsmouth. Catch them and find out what they are up to.

Stockpile: A massive stockpile of weapons and powder has gone missing. The very couriers we just apprehended still managed to get their information back to whoever was waiting for it. Try and track down the munitions' whereabouts.

New Hampshire is Free: After finding out Charles Lee was seeing to the gathering of all New Hampshire munitions and returning it all to where it came from, New Hampshire is free of Templar grasp, for now. Return there periodically and maintain a watchful eye.


The Powder Alarms: The People around Boston have caught wind of the brewing hostilities and have mobilized themselves. They are raiding powder stores and stockpiling their stores in return. Listen to what the people are saying and locate all the secret magazines.

Suspicious Ships: Some British schooners have been prowling off the coast of Gloucester. Take First Mate Faulkner of the Aquila and pin them in allowing the Patriots in the area to capture the war ships.

The Scarce Resource: Gun powder is in short supply for the Patriot cause, despite the militia's best efforts to seize as much as possible. Some French ships are delivering several thousand barrels over the next few weeks. Accompany the convoys and ensure they arrive at their destinations safely.

The Guns of Ticonderoga: Henry Knox is attempting to drag the guns of Ticonderoga over the Appalachian Mountains to help lift the Siege of Boston. With a little Assassin ingenuity you'll be able to help him succeed in his lofty goals.

Dig In: The British are laying siege to Boston. Civilians are in danger all over the city and food will be in short supply before long. Help ration what there is and protect those who can't protect themselves.

Lift the Siege: Henry Knox managed to bring the guns of Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights with the help of the Assassins. With a formidable battery in place on high ground, it's only a matter of time before General Howe realizes his position is untenable. Help expedite the process.

Rhode Island

A New Regiment: James Mitchell Varnum is trying to form a regiment of Rhode Island rebels. Give him the knowledge and training he needs to gather and lead men into battle and he might prove a valuable asset.

War has come to Rhode Island: The Revolution will touch Rhode Island's territory as well. The War Council has however left the Colony to its own defenses leaving the 1st Rhode Island Regiment to protect the city of Newport and Aquidneck Island. Give them your support.

Dangerous Letters: After difficulties with the French Fleet during the Battle at Rhode Island, General Sullivan has sent a scathing letter to Boston reporting on the French Involvement, or lack thereof. Catch up with Admiral Charles Hector, comte d'Estaing, and convince him to be the bigger man. The Patriots can't afford to lose the support of France.

Special Delivery: A secret shipment of black powder is arriving in Newport for the Assassins. Greet the ship at the pier and escort the goods back to our magazine.

Not Much to Fight About: The people of Rhode Island are unified in their desire to separate from the mother country. Ride to Newport and try and discern what makes it work there.

Templar Hideout: A Templar hideout has been discovered on the coast near Providence. Infiltrate the compound and eliminate anybody inside.


Quiet Connecticut: Connecticut is in the midst of debates regarding the revolution much like Maryland and Delaware. Blend with the crowds in the cities and remain vigilant of Templar influence.

Drunks at Danbury: A regiment of British Regulars has occupied Danbury. The soldiers have been drinking the town's rum stores and are threatening to burn the village. Rouse the militias in the surrounding countryside and mount an offensive.

Tail Jonathan Trumbull: Jonathan Trumbull is one of the only Governors to support the Patriot cause. There is something about his course of action that raises suspicion. Tail the Governor of Connecticut and try to discern his true allegiance.

Culper Ring in New Haven: Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton of the Regulars is trying to draw General Washington into open conflict. Washington knows such a maneuver would spell certain doom for his tenuous army and is relying on the efforts of his Culper Ring to keep his movements secret. Meet some of the Culper Ring spies in New Haven and escort them to West Point.

Benedict Arnold in Connecticut: The turncoat Benedict Arnold is leading a regiment of Regulars into New London and Groton. Ride to the battle and stop Arnold. Kill him if you get close enough.

Trumbull a Templar: Jonathan Trumbull is a confirmed Templar but remains well protected. Take your time and scout him out. Such a target might take years to assassinate.

New York

Action at Long Island: The first major action of the Revolution is upon the Colonies. Commander George Washington stood against Howe's regulars but they were forced to retreat. They will be pinned against the East River and at Howe's mercy. The war may be over before it starts. Get to Brooklyn Heights and devise a way for Washington's troops to fight another day.

Kipp's Bay, Manhattan: Things have gone from bad to worse for Washington at Kipp's Bay and the soldiers are calling for the ascension of Charles Lee. Something must be done.

Howe in Harlem: After a string of defeats the Colonial Army is demoralized and afraid but they are capable of winning the next encounter likely to occur at Harlem Heights. Howe's men are cocky and have taken to goading the Patriots, making the Rebels aware of the British mockery might be enough.

Rufus Putnam: Israel Putnam's half-brother Rufus Putnam has been selected for a very dangerous reconnaissance mission into Harlem Heights. Follow him but keep to the trees and keep him safe without his knowledge.

Weakness at Ticonderoga: There's a hill overlooking Fort Ticonderoga that poses a significant threat of bombardment should the Regulars haul any guns to its summit. Take Benedict Arnold and any other officers who care to listen and show them the weakness.

Standoff at Walloomsac: General John Stark and Lieutenant Friedrich Baum are currently in a standoff as rainstorms have hit Walloomsac, New York. Given the circumstances the Patriots have a good chance at victory. Weaken the British cause by dispatching Colonel Baum.


Impending Disaster at Paoli: Anthony Wayne's men are in dire straits in the area of Paoli Tavern. Major General Charles Grey of the Regulars has stated that he will give no quarter and take no prisoners should they win. All scouting reports indicate a British victory is a certainty. Try and save as many soldiers as you can.

Germantown: Commander Washington has opted to advance on General Howe's troops at Germantown. He hopes to surprise them as he did at Trenton but Howe and his Hessians will not make the same mistake again. There is no stopping the Commander-in-Chief now, so just make sure he remains out of harm's way.

Protecting the Signatories: As Signatories from all across the colonies make their way to Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence they are vulnerable for capture and assassination. Travel to the Capital and keep a watchful eye over the Continental Congress.

Whitemarsh: The Commander-in-Chief has offered £10 to the person who can supply the best replacement for footwear made of raw hides. The Patriot Army is ill-equipped to say the least. The men at Whitemarsh need whatever supplies you can find.

A Blow for the First Nations: George Dorrance is a Templar and responsible for the displacement of several Iroquois villages. Find him in Wyoming, Pennsylvania and end his life.

A Patriot Mutiny: The Pennsylvania Line is restless and threatening to defect to the Regulars. With the New Year fast approaching, the high level of drinking is a worry. Blend into the crowd and quell and dissent before it gets out of control.

New Jersey

Trenton: Johann Rall is a confirmed Templar and currently garrisoned at Trenton. Washington intends a surprise attack on Christmas morning. Join Washington on his march and guarantee Rall is never heard from again.

Attack on Fort Mercer: Carl Emilius von Donop has been bested at the Second Battle of Trenton and is craving retribution. He's advancing on Fort Mercer at Red Bank out of his head and ready for a slaughter. He must be stopped at all costs.

Crucial Days: The days to come in New Jersey are likely to be pivotal in for the war. Accompany the soldiers in New Jersey and do whatever's in your power to assure victory.

A Voice for the Cause: The New Jersey Journal edited by Shepard Kollock has become a voice for the Rebels. The Templars wish the publication silenced for its open discourse on the reality of some Colonial leaders. Ensure Kollock is able to continue producing his paper.

Tea Parties Are All the Rage: A Loyalist by the name of Dan Bowen is storing a great deal of British tea in his cellar. A group of Colonists are looking to raise a banner for potential rebels in the colony. Yet another Tea Party might be just what they need.

Galloping Hill Road: Washington has all but forgotten of the war in New Jersey with the opportunities that have arisen in the south. But the British are marching on Springfield and must not be allowed to gain a foothold in the north again. Nathanael Greene has lost many battles and needs council to win the action.


Sound the Message: The Patriot cause is falling of deaf ears in Delaware. Travel to Sussex County and bring the Rebel message to the people.

Find the Source: It appears a Templar agent is responsible for the lack of support in Delaware. Sniff out the cause and put an end to his influence.

Gather the Troops: The Templars have been silenced in Delaware and people are sounding the cry of the Patriots. Gather all those who wish to fight and form a regiment.

Cooch's Bridge: William Maxwell is leading his troops astray outside Wilmington. Get there at once and ensure he suffers as few casualties as possible at the hands of a much stronger Hessian regiment.

Capture John McKinly: John McKinly has allowed the capture of Wilmington with no resistance. Ride for Wilmington at once, take McKinly prisoner and question him.

Support Caesar Rodney: Caesar Rodney is fighting a valiant fight for control of the Delaware river but is simply outmatched by the Royal Navy. Take the Aquila and lend him support in his charge. Templar agents must not hold sway of the Delaware.


Another Tea Party: The people of Maryland need a symbol to rally to. Reports that a British trading vessel laden with tea is scheduled to make port in Annapolis. Perhaps something to the effect of the Boston Tea Party is exactly what they need.

A Little Convincing: Maryland has yet to officially join the fight. Help the delegates to a decision. Time is of the essence.

A Mole: A Templar has infiltrated the delegates of the Maryland Congress. Find him and bring him down as quickly as possible.

Round up the Willing: There is no fighting in Maryland but there are many willing to join the cause and form a regiment. See that it happens. Every man counts.

A Quiet Task: The delegates of the Maryland Congress are at it again. A consensus must be reached if they are to remain a state. Quietly help the Congressmen come to a resolution.

Confirming Control: Reports suggest the Templars have left Maryland altogether. Travel to Annapolis and confirm the information. If you find any trace of Templar influence, eliminate it.


Dunmore's Guardian Angel: The Templars have dispatched an agent to kill the Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore. Intercept their man and end him before he can complete his mission.

Mad Anthony's Surprise: The Marquis de Lafayette's advance force under Brigadier General "Mad" Anthony Wayne has been ambushed in James City County. While Lafayette attempts to outmaneuver the stronger British Force, eliminate as many Regular Officers as possible to bolster Washington's success rate and weaken Lee's posturing to be named Commander-in-Chief.

Skirmish in Williamsburg: General Richard Butler needs support in the vicinity of Williamsburg, Virginia under threat of Lieutenant Colonel John Graves Simcoe's Regulars. Ride there at once and weaken the British forces.

Dunmore's Fortune: Colonel William Woodford's 2nd Virginia Regiment has rebuffed the attack of Lord Dunmore who has since retreated to Norfolk. The Virginian militia is now marching on Norfolk. The outcome of the encounter is of no consequence so long Lord Dunmore survives.

Protect the Help: A battle is looming in Petersburg, Virginia. Get there at once and ensure Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben's safety at all costs.

The Saboteur: The siege of Yorktown is underway. Infiltrate and sabotage the British fortifications as best you can to ensure Cornwallis' surrender with as few casualties as possible.

North Carolina

Moore's Creek: An inexperienced battalion of North Carolina militiamen are set to stand against a large force of British Regulars. Some clever tactics would help to push the encounter in favor of the Patriots, something the Templars do not want.

Confusion at Ramsour's Mill: Two militias are set to clash in Ramsour's Mill, North Carolina. Neither side has been ordered by Patriot or British command. Brothers, neighbors and friends will kill each other in the name of "liberty". Get there immediately and convince one of the sides to retreat and minimize needless casualties.

Prisoner of Cane Creek: David Fanning and Hector McNeill have captured Governor Burke and are marching him to Cornwallis. We have reason to believe McNeil bears the Red Cross and must be stopped.

Fighting the Pox: The 2nd North Carolina Regiment is marching to join forces with General Washington. Very few of them have been exposed to smallpox and risk of an outbreak is high. Meet the column in Alexandria and provide them with innoculations.

Outmatched at Wetzell's Mill: An Assassin ally Otho Williams of the Patriot Army is in grave danger. Nathanael Greene has sent him to scout for Banastre Tarleton's Dragoons. If he finds them, he will die. Get to Wetzell's Mill as quickly as possible and protect Williams and his men.

A Kind Diversion: Colonel Henry Lee is marching to confront Benastre Tarleton's Dragoons. He thinks the young officer's revered cavalry is the ultimate prize. It is folly. Lead him towards John Pyle's column and defuse the impending disaster.

South Carolina

Fort Sullivan: A fleet of British warships is anchored off Cape Fear ready to besiege Charleston. The Patriot forces are ill prepared and greatly outnumbered. Their battlements need fortification and our research indicates redoubts build of palmetto wood absorb cannonade more efficiently. Bring this information to them and help implement it where you can.

Stono Ferry: A Templar associate by the name of Hugh Jackson is marching with the Patriots. His intentions are not clear. Ride out to the outskirts of Charleston, find out what you can and deal with him if necessary.

Valuable Information: Emily Geiger has information on the Templar movements in the Carolinas although she does not know it. She means to carry the intelligence to a Patriot camp. Help her succeed in her mission. It is vital the Templars do not catch her.

The Swamp Fox: Francis Marion, better known as the "Swamp Fox" must be stopped. His tactics are questionable and motives unclear. Venture to the South Carolina marshland and stop him any way you can.

Viper in Camden: Another Templar threat has emerged in the Patriot Army. Johann de Kalb is posturing himself for promotion into high ranking positions. His column approaches the battle in Camden, find him once the fighting starts and silence him.

Sleeping in Sugar Creek: Patriot officer Thomas Sumter has lost his fighting edge and is rumored to be sleeping through marches and skirmishes. Thus far he's been fortunate but as Benastre Tarleton's Dragoons descend upon him, his luck will undoubtedly run out. Get there and set him straight before he and his men fall to Tarleton's Quarter.


Augusta: A man by the name of Brown must be captured and questioned. He is currently garrisoned within the fort at Augusta. The Patriot cannons have been unable to fire over the battlements. Decipher a way to expose the fort and take Brown prisoner.

Evacuation of Savannah: The British still control Savannah. Sail for the city and convince Sir Guy Carleton to evacuate the troops and any dissenters. Carleton must not die.

Brier Creek: Samuel Elbert is suspected of having turned to the Templars. Catch up to his force under John Ashe's command and remove Elbert from the equation in whatever manner you see fit.

Kettle Creek: John Boyd is acting on behalf of the Templars marching a Loyalist Militia to British occupied Augusta. Intercept the column and bring Boyd down.

Savannah: Major General Robert Howe is set to challenge Archibald Campbell's Regulars who have landed in Savannah. Howe has been connected to the Templars and his current plan of action has not been approved by Commander Washington. Get to Savannah and unhinge Howe's plan.

Frederica Naval Action: The Royal Navy has been sighted off the coast of Georgia. Take the Aquila and rally the Patriot galleys in the area. Capture as many British ships as possible.