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Constructing a "Close Shave" was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Official Executioner Charles-Henri Sanson asked Arno to recover components of a guillotine under construction from a group of thugs.


  • Sanson: Sir! I'm Sanson, the Official Executioner! I need help.
    Some brigands have stolen parts of a new execution machine I'm building. They hope to lure me into a trap. Could you recover all the items for me?

Arno infiltrated the area where the thugs held the components.

  • Thug 1: Chop off heads humanely? What's the point? I say, you want to lop off a head, why pussy-foot around? Do it fair and square with a two-handed blade!
  • Thug 2: Amen to that.

Arno returned the components to Sanson and Tobias Schmidt.

  • Sanson: Tobias! We've recovered all the pieces.
  • Schmidt: All right, then. Give me a hand, would you? We'll see if it works.
  • Sanson: This ingenious device will save me much labor, my friend. Can you imagine, executing so many aristocrats by the sweat of my brow?
  • Schmidt: I just hope this doesn't make killing people too easy.
  • Sanson: It's an ambush! Dear Lord!

They were attacked by thugs.

  • Thug 3: Get them!
  • Sanson: Ah, keep them back!

Arno, Sanson and Schmidt fought off the thugs.


Arno retrieved the guillotine components, allowing Sanson and Schmidt to finish construction of the machine.


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