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Consequences was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having killed Yu Dayong, Shao Jun attempted to leave Macau.


After killing Yu Dayong, Shao Jun remembered her training with Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

  • Ezio: As you slide past an enemy, use your sword to deliver a killing blow. Good, keep going! Yes, that's it! Excellent, Shao! Your training is almost done. Leap through the air and plunge your sword deep into your enemy. Excellent work, keep it up! Still sharp I see, try again. Well done, Shao Jun. Your training is complete for now.

Qiu Ju found Yu Dayong's dead body.

  • Qiu: His body is still warm, the Assassin cannot be far.
  • Guard 1: Shall we search the docks, Master Qiu Ju?
  • Qiu: The Assassins claim they protect the innocents. Let us show them that their actions have consequences. Arrest everyone, burn all the ships to ashes and find me the Assassin.
  • Jun: The Templars are going to burn this place to the ground. I need to get out of here, fast.

As Shao Jun navigated the docks, guards yelled out their plan.

  • Guard 2: Leave no one alive!
  • Guard 3: Flush out the Assassin.
  • Guard 4: Burn it all the ground!
  • Guard 5: Let it all burn!
  • Guard 6: Find the Assassin!


Shao Jun managed to escape the burning port and reunited with her Mentor, Wang Yangming.



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