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Connor's Way was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories.


Aveline de Grandpré went to New York to find Officer Davidson, who would be able to give more insight into the identity of the Company Man.


Connor met with Aveline in the New York Frontier.

  • Aveline: Connor? I'm Aveline de Grandpré your... "brother" from New Orleans.
  • Connor: Yes. Achilles told me you would come.
  • Aveline: I seek a loyalist – Officer Davidson, of Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment.
  • Connor: That regiment passed through here. Look at the destruction they left. Their trail leads this way. We will follow them carefully.
  • Aveline: Over there! Through the trees!
  • Connor: A trap! Keep after the sentry. I will hold off these men.

Connor killed the men and caught up with Aveline.

A Fool's Errand 2

Aveline interrogating the sentry

  • Sentry: Unhand me!
  • Aveline: One chance to keep your life: where is Davidson?
  • Sentry: Who?
  • Aveline: Come on! Time's up!
  • Sentry: He's in the fort.
  • Aveline: That was easy. Why is it you call yourselves loyalists again?
  • Sentry: Easier to be loyal in the safety of the fort than out in the snow with a knife to your neck.
  • Aveline: Run home. Now. And don't let me see you again--you won't be able to run then.
  • Sentry: Y-yes ma'am.
  • Aveline: To the fort!
  • Connor: We climb.

Connor and Aveline climbed the frozen waterfall and made their way to a broken bridge, battling loyalist troops along the way.

  • Connor: Can you get across?

Connor waited for Aveline to cross the bridge, using her whip for assistance. After she got across, she lowered a beam, allowing Connor to cross and proceed to the fort.

  • Connor: Can you find a way in? I will go around and divert attention.

Connor made his way to the fort, scaling a damaged wall to get in. Upon entering the fort, he lit a fuse on a stack of explosive barrels, causing the diversion he promised Aveline. The explosion caused Davidson to attempt to flee in a carriage. Intending to chase after Davidson, Connor was impeded by a group of his guards. After dealing with them, he noticed Aveline had destroyed Davidson's wagon and had caught up to him.

A Fool's Errand 10

George's final moments

  • Aveline: I had hoped it would not come to this. Now, in death, eternal freedom.
  • George: You mock me! I chose my destiny. That is real freedom. Perhaps one day you will know it too.
  • Aveline: I... Who is the Company Man?
  • George: The answer has been in your own backyard all along. Just open your eyes--

Connor reunited with Aveline.

  • Connor: Did you find what you sought?
  • Aveline: Oui (Yes), and much that I didn't. Connor, are you always... certain in the means and ways of the Brotherhood?
  • Connor: I... trust my own hands.
  • Aveline: Of course.
  • Connor: Travel safely.
  • Aveline: It's the arrival that concerns me.
  • Connor: Then you are on the right path.


Aveline killed George Davidson and, having uncovered the identity of the Company Man, returned to New Orleans.


  • This memory was initially only available through linking Assassin's Creed III: Liberation with Assassin's Creed III on PS3. In the HD remake, it could be accessed by unlocking it from Uplay, costing 40 Uplay points.
  • The reward in Liberation HD is titled A Different Point of View, with the description "Relive Aveline's adventure in the snowy New York area from the point of view of her fellow assassin Connor Kenway." Despite this, it unlocks the same memory.



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