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Conlae (died c. 879), also known as "The Blaze", was an Irish Druidic priest in the cult known as the Children of Danu. Conlae held the title of Lord.


As a child, Conlae could not handle the discipline brought down upon him from his parents. In response, Conlae nailed their door shut and set his house aflame, burning his parents alive. With his new independence, Conlae joined the forest druids and became infatuated with the ritual fires. Conlae soon followed and learned the ways of the fire druids. Despite his acceptance into the Children of Danu, Conlae was never a true believer of the cult's cause. Nevertheless, Conlae continued his work for the cult, due to his innate and dangerous love for flames.[1]

The Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir came across the cryptonym, The Blaze, when she killed The Ash and recovered a clue from The Ash's personal effects. After recovering The Ash's amber shard, Eivor looked over the clue, which was a note to The Ash, detailing The Blaze's recent arson killings of the village of Bally na Gall. The note also specified The Blaze's reluctance of his fiery crime as the cultist dictated to check a grave near the village's waterfall. From Cummascach's clue, Eivor traveled to Bally na Gall, in southeastern Ulster, and investigated the area for the waterfall. Searching the decimated area, Eivor found a note on a recently dug grave and its corpse near the waterfall. Upon looking at the note, Eivor read that The Blaze's pyro fanatic actions costed him the love of his life and that in response, the arsonist would set more houses ablaze between Black Pig's Dyke and Clogher as tribute.[2]

Eivor surveyed the burned houses between the two locations and came across a half-burned down cottage. Upon entering the semi-burnt building, Eivor discovered a note on top of a table. The final clue revealed The Blaze's identity to be Conlae and his current actions of arson on homes, north of Black Pig's Dyke. The note stated caution as it appeared that Conlae wants to burn down the entirety of Ireland. Eivor traveled and caught sight of Conlae and the destruction he left in his wake. Eivor assassinated Conlae and stopped his reign of fire among the people of Ireland. Eivor retrieved his amber shard and another clue involving the member, "The Mist," from his personal effects.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • Conlae was one of the few Lords of the Children of Danu that fought back. If Eivor does engage The Blaze in a fight, Conlae wields a greatsword and sets it aflame.



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