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Confronting Agaté was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


After confronting her stepmother Madeleine de L'Isle, who had turned out to be Louisiana's head Templar, Aveline traveled to the Louisiana Bayou to seek Agaté's counsel and test her faith in the Brotherhood.


Aveline found Agaté at his hut's training ground.

  • Aveline: Agaté.
  • Agaté: The student returns. Why? What use have you suddenly found for old Agaté?
  • Aveline: I have discovered the identity of the Company Man.
  • Agaté: What? Did you not kill him, years ago?
  • Aveline: That was not the Company Man.
  • Agaté: You ignored my warning, and now you see your error.
  • Aveline: It was your responsibility to know, as much as mine, Agaté. I was a child when you brought me into the Brotherhood and made me an Assassin. You pretended to protect me, to root out the enemy! And all along, my own stepmother, Madeleine, was the Company Man.
  • Agaté: Iniquity runs in the family.

Pulling a weapon, Agaté attacked Aveline, believing her to have betrayed the Brotherhood.

  • Aveline: Agaté! Stop! Recover your senses!
Confronting Agate 2

Aveline assassinating D'Abbadie's phantom

Agaté then threw down a bomb filled with poisonous gas. Breathing in the vapors, Aveline quickly began to hallucinate, believing she was being assailed by her former targets.

  • Aveline: No! It cannot be! Agaté... What have you done to me?
  • D'Abbadie: The Order... is... the future.
  • Aveline: Who? What?
  • Baptiste: The locket you wear – I know it well.
  • Aveline: But you–

Aveline managed to defeat the hallucinations.

  • Agaté: Does your conscience attack you?
  • Aveline: Agaté! Stop!
  • Agaté: That day, when the sailors attacked you - I should not have intervened. I thought you had the spirit of a warrior, like your mother. But you only take after your father... that waxy, pale slave master.
  • Aveline: You have no right!

Aveline climbed the treehouse, but was attacked by more hallucinations.

Confronting Agate 4

Aveline assassinating De Ferrer's phantom

  • De Ferrer: Our aims must not be so different.
  • Aveline: No... It's an illusion.
  • Vázquez: No. You are mistaken.
  • Aveline: A poisonous deception. Nothing more.
  • George: Just open your eyes-

Aveline eliminated the last of her hallucinatory attackers, following which she continued her ascent.

  • Aveline: Agaté! It doesn't have to be like this! The shards of the Chichen Itza disk - work with me! Tell me what they are for!
  • Agaté: I told you never to speak to me of that! The knowledge - it will destroy us all!
  • Aveline: And without it, we will continue to stumble blindly, towards what?
  • Agaté: Not towards... Away! Put it from your mind!

Aveline cornered Agaté at the top of the tree.

  • Aveline: Mentor, do not force my hand! The Agaté who trained me is a man of truth and courage. I know he still lives within you. Let him out again!
  • Agaté: Oh! What have I wrought? I should have stayed with your mother. You should have been my child, raised as a daughter, not twisted into this... monster!
  • Aveline: Go now, Agaté. Run. And promise never to return.
Confronting Agate 8

Agaté falling to his death

Aveline turned away.

  • Agaté: You would bid me a coward's slow, pointless death? As you did Ulloa? I will not live with the dishonor. I–

Agaté leaped from the tree's apex.

  • Aveline: Agaté! No!

Although she attempted to stop him, Aveline only succeeded in tearing Agaté's necklace from his neck.

  • Aveline: ... Adieu. (Farewell.)


Aveline confronted Agaté, who committed suicide after Aveline had triumphed over him during their confrontation.


  • In the HD remake, Aveline's final line is omitted.