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Conflicts of Interest was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Sefetu is hunting Zervos, the harbormaster. Rumours say the local merchants are sheltering him.


Bayek visited the market.

  • Bayek: I should find this Zervos, and see what he knows about Sefetu. See if he is connected to the Scarab. I will ask among the merchants. See which are friendly to him.
ACO Conflicts of Interest - Bayek speaking to merchant

Bayek speaking to a merchant at the market

He spoke to a merchant who yawns while he speaks.

  • Merchant 1: You look like a strapping sort. Looking to improve your armor?
  • Bayek: Long night?
  • Merchant 1: Very. Sorry. What are you interested in?
  • Bayek: At the moment, I'm looking for Zervos.
  • Merchant 1: The harbormaster? Of course. Zervos is... uh... away.
  • Bayek: Away?
  • Merchant 1: Yes. Uh, he's gone to Letopolis. Attracted by the promise of a new life.
  • Bayek: Then he's not dead.
  • Merchant 1: Dead? Why would you think he was dead?

Bayek spoke to another merchant.

  • Merchant 2: Finest metal work in Sais!
    Good day to you, neb. Any metal work I can do for you this day?
  • Bayek: I am just looking. You know about a man named Zervos?
  • Merchant 2: The harbormaster? Ahh... Why are you asking about him?
  • Bayek: I've heard he's missing. In hiding? Perhaps dead?
  • Merchant 2: What would you do if Sefetu put a price on your head?
  • Bayek: I see. I am not one of Sefetu's men.
  • Merchant 2: I don't know anything about it. I don't stick my neck out. I have nothing to tell you.

Bayek spoke to another merchant.

  • Merchant 3: What are you looking for today?
  • Bayek: The harbor master. Zervos.
  • Merchant 3: Do not ask about him! The guards killed him!

Bayek spoke to another merchant.

  • Merchant 4: Care for some dates? Finest in the area. Same ones the brewery uses for its famous beer.
  • Bayek: I'm just looking. You know about a man named Zervos?
  • Merchant 4: Zervos? The harbormaster is dead.

Bayek spoke to another merchant.

  • Bayek: Good day for business?
  • Merchant 5: Not half bad! What are you looking for today?
  • Bayek: For Zervos, the harbormaster. Do you know where to find him?
  • Merchant 5: You are looking for who? Why? I don't know him! I heard he was dead! Why are you bothering about him? He was a good man!
  • Bayek: A good man? So you do know him.
  • Merchant 5: I don't! I just heard others say it. Leave me be!

Bayek spoke to another merchant.

  • Merchant 6: You want some fish, or what?
  • Bayek: I am looking for Zervos, the harbor master.
  • Merchant 6: Oh! I heard Sefetu gutted him.

The merchant turned away from Bayek, and he thought.

  • Bayek: Everyone has a different story about Zervos. I wonder if one of them knows more than they are telling me.
ACO Conflicts of Interest - Merchants entering warehouse

Bayek spotting the merchants as they entered a warehouse

When night fell, Bayek followed the merchants he'd questioned earlier during the day. While shadowing the merchants, he overheard guards reminding people of a curfew.

  • Soldier: No one on the streets after dark! By order of Sefetu!
    By order of Sefetu, a curfew is imposed in town after dusk!

The merchants gathered in a small warehouse. Bayek followed and eavesdropped on their conversation outside.

  • Man: How are you keeping?
  • Zervos: As best I can. I'm tired of hiding.
  • Man: There is a stranger in the market asking about you.
  • Zervos: What? Who is he? Is he one of Sefetu's curs?
  • Man: I do not know. I do not think so. He wears an old-fashioned badge. But he does look dangerous.
  • Zervos: Badge? What kind of badge?
  • Man: A Medjay badge, I think.
  • Zervos: A protector? Hmm. Keep a watch on that one.
ACO Conflicts of Interest - Bayek meets Zervos and merchants

Bayek meeting Zervos and the merchants

Bayek entered the warehouse and was spotted by the merchants. As one of them took out a knife, Zervos stopped her and knelt in front of Bayek as he lowered his head.

  • Zervos: We are not fighting men. You can take the bounty off my head.
  • Bayek: I'm not one of Sefetu's men. I'm searching for Zervos, on behalf of Harkhuf.

Zervos got up.

  • Zervos: Good. I am Zervos, mighty harbormaster of Sais. Heh. Forced to hide on my own docks.
  • Bayek: Why is Sefetu after you?
  • Zervos: That dog. He is strangling the whole town!
  • Woman: Taxes us to death!
  • Man 1: He burned my cousin's farm!
  • Man 2: That's right!

Zervos sat down.

  • Zervos: I've been doing what I can. Helping people hide their imports and exports. What Sefetu does not see, he cannot tax.
  • Bayek: And he figured it out.
  • Zervos: His men raided my business and my house, but I hid my records on my felucca. If they haven't found my boat yet, they soon will.
  • Bayek: I'll see what I can do.
  • Zervos: My felucca is tied up at the Sais docks. I would prefer to have it back in one piece, but if you must destroy it... Go carefully. Sefetu's men watch the harbor like hawks!

Bayek left the house and made his way to Zervos's warehouse, finding it full of Sefetu's men. Bayek sneaked into the warehouse.

  • Greek Soldier 1: You find anything yet?
  • Greek Soldier 2: No, that blasted Zervos hid his papers as well as he hid himself.
  • Greek Soldier 1: Keep looking. If we find something to hang him on, Sefetu will reward us!
  • Greek Soldier 2: And if we don't find anything?
  • Greek Soldier 1: Then you get to tell Sefetu. He won't be pleased, Serapis knows.
  • Greek Soldier 2: I'll keep looking.

Bayek eliminated the soldiers and boarded Zervos' felucca. He rode the boat to the dock in front of the warehouse that Zervos hid in. He then returned to Zervos outside the warehouse.

  • Bayek: You needn't hide any longer. I secured your felucca. Your documents are safe.
  • Zervos: You saved my felucca! Here, take this as a small token of thanks.
ACO Conflicts of Interest - Bayek given Sefetu's location

Bayek given Sefetu's whereabouts by Zervos

Zervos rewarded Bayek, and they entered the warehouse.

  • Zervos: You have made things better here.
  • Bayek: You clearly have people who are willing to help you out, Zervos. Why don't you take on Sefetu?
  • Zervos: Sefetu is too powerful, too greedy. He knows there is no one strong enough to stop him. We are not fighting men. Sefetu surrounds himself with soldiers. His base at Fort Nikiou is guarded with ballistae. Fool that I am, I helped him import them.
  • Bayek: May Amun watch over you.


Bayek discovered the whereabouts of Zervos. He helped secure Zervos' felucca containing his records, preventing Sefetu from gaining a reason to hang Zervos for.



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